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    Male cat acting odd several symptoms..

    Could be teeth, gums, throat. Are you able to look in his mouth to see if there is anything obvious. I would make a vets appointment to have him checked out.
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    Question of the day - June 3

    Mine like it deep, about 4/5 inches. After all, the more litter, the more to throw out of the box and onto the floor.
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    She's changed

    I would try feeding wet only during the day, its more filling and less calorific. You could leave a small amount of dry food out overnight that she can nibble on.
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    Does anyone cats do this

    I think they do it to annoy us. Not only do we have to wash the bowl but the floor too.
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    Does anyone cats do this

    One of mine does the same, not all the time but often.
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    How to gain weight (for people)

    Smoothies and shakes might appeal to him. Whole grain bread, cereal, nuts, pasta that sort of thing.
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    I Don't Know What To Do - 15+yo Cat

    Thats good news, well done Feeby. I hope she continues to enjoy her food and give you a break from the worry.
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    Name ideas for my Kitten?

    He is beautiful and looks so proud in the first photo. Earl Grey Captain Cute Gabriel Skipper
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    My cat is no longer affectionate. Please help

    I have found that cats can be fickle. Yours has had a lot of changes in his life in a short time and is just adjusting to things. Give him time, dont force him to do anything he doesnt want to. Pick him up for a few seconds and if he wants to go down, let him. Do this several times a day and he...
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    Pregnant cat overdue? Updated

    Are you going to keep any of the kittens? They are so adorable I would want to keep them all. You and Mama are doing a great job.
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    June 2020 book of the month club

    Same here, going to finish the one I'm in the middle of then start "Night Sins".
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    Help name my kitten plz

    Puff Onyx Carbon Magic Jet
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    Question of the Day - Monday, June 1, 2020

    I've just phoned my garage to book my car in.
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    Featured Cooling My Cats Outdoors

    I put ice blocks under the shrubs that mine sleep under and in the shelter. Ive got half a dozen in the freezer ready.
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    Question of the Day, Sunday, 31st May 2020

    No I wouldnt even consider it. Dont know a lot about it but what I do doesnt sound good.