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    June 2021 book of the month club (Poll)

    Well what a truly disfunctional family. Mrs Westaway was so controlling and Mrs Warren was an updated Mrs Danvers. Enjoyed the book although too much written about the tarot cards for me. I couldn't quite understand why Hal kept reading into them for the answers she needed when she didn't...
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    June 2021 book of the month club (Poll)

    Have just under 100 pages left, won't be long.
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    Eleanor broke her nail?.. (might be graphic photos)

    I agree it needs to dry up but you also need to make sure it's clean first. As for any ointment, you only put a tiny amount so it will be absorbed quickly so just stop her from licking it for a little while. It's important that it doesn't get infected. I use Leucillin. Let us know how you get on.
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    Eleanor broke her nail?.. (might be graphic photos)

    I've no experience with this but in your position I would gentle bathe the nail to make sure it's clean. If you have any antiseptic cream suitable for a cat, please ensure it is suitable, apply a little. Keep checking for infection and if you see any signs such as weeping, swelling or redness...
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    URI/crystal issues

    Don't know about kidney issues but I have a cat with UTI issues. Have you tried RC Urinary SO wet, Hills and Purina also do a urinary food. I find Cornsilk and D-Mannose help my cat when he has a flare up. Cornsilk is a mild antiinflammatory and pain relief and D-Mannose is a diuretic.
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    Question of the Day - Monday, June 21, 2021

    Snuggled up on the sofa with my big sister watching Andy Pandy.
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    June 2021 book of the month club (Poll)

    I'm going to have to speed read, haven't started it yet.
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    Help! Cat IBD symptoms

    You can often but it in health stores.
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    Ava recall and pets at home covering blood test

    Thanks for this infor, good to know. I find Pets at Home really accommodating.
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    Help! Cat IBD symptoms

    Beautiful boy. Why does your vet discount an allergy? Do you notice any difference in his stools if you feed say chicken. Try Psillium, a pinch mixed into his food twice a day.
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    Removing loose hair without a brush

    I find these gloves work well.
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    Question of the Day, Friday, June 18

    Not going to happen..ever
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    What would you name this kitten??

    I quite like Clawdia.
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    What would you name this kitten??

    She looks like a Tilly to me.