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    Swollen Paw Issues.

    That looks huge, you must be so frustrated. I found this article about natural remedies, worth a read if nothing else. Everything I have read says it is a slow process to recovery to hang on there. Natural Treatments For Feline Pillow Foot (Feline Plasma Cell Pododermatitis)
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    Worried about can’t bond well with two kittens

    It will be lovely to have two kittens together. Make time to play with them both together and separately and they will bond with you through the play. Dont worry, it will happen naturally.
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    I Don't Know What To Do - 15+yo Cat

    Can you get something like this.
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    Worries about NEUTERING : 🥺

    I agree with the previous posts. Its a relatively easy and quick operation for a male cat. Mine was home in a couple of hours, no cone needed and no stitches or meds needed. Phone around other vets and get prices and procedures.
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    Swollen Paw Issues.

    Yay. Good on you Braveheart.
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    Swollen Paw Issues.

    Come on Braveheart, show us a good solid poo.
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    Contest Picture of the month: October 2019: Cats in Things!

    Kiwi. Help I cant get my body through.
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    Always hungry

    There are different types of worms and as he eats his catch its highly likely that he does have worms.
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    All Thing Books And Reading Thread 2019

    I have just read one of Leslie Pearce books called You'll never see me again. I really enjoyed it. She has written 25+books so I'm right for a while.
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    Treats and Catnip suggestions?

    My cats have stinkies. I bought them about 3 years ago and the cats still love them. As far are treats are concerned, I give them a few of their dry food bits, throw them across the room and the cats run after them making a bit of a game out of it.
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    Kitty Won’t Drink From Fancy Fountain

    Try not turning it on for a week or more, just fill with water and give her a chance to get used to it. Once she is used to seeing it and has no fear, turn it on and hopefully she will start to use it.
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    Yoga & Gymnastics - Everybody Welcome

    Its so important to keep flexible.
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    Poor Balding Boy

    Thanks for the explanation. I hope something can be done to help you both.
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    Managing Idiopathic Cystitis?

    Let us know how you get on
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    Managing Idiopathic Cystitis?

    Personally I would feed him RC Urinary SO only for the time being but also look at Cornsilk, no alchohol and D-mannose. Many members use these products, they are all natural and show good results.