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    I got a new cat! (Name suggestions)

    ahh beautiful girl ZANTA=BEAUTIFUL GIRL
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    I could KILL my dogs!!!

    that is question that will never be answered but on the other hand we used to get foxes rip our bins open rubbish every where in the street until I got some anti-mate that you spray on a bitch to keep males away well I sprayed the rubbish it worked so theres an answer spray your bin with...
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    Putting a dog down if it bites??

    How sad that this poor dog does not get a second chance it is plan to see that a new addition of a human member to ones family and who gets it the poor dog kicked out abused or put down it is a well known fact that alot of people who have a pet then have a baby DON"T WANT THE ANIMAL very sad...
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    New paws in our house!!! Needs a name!!!

    AHH she is a sweetie a right little angle here is a name Taborri= meaning voices that carry Zanta= beautiful girl Ylwa= she wolf or you can visit the names I have typed are native american names good luck in finding you new pet a name
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    How do u introduce a cat to another cat????

    cats are funny things have you tried feeding them to gether that what I did and also try to transfur both of their sent on to each other cuddle one then the other play time is another you could try and remember that your oldest cat is topcat my 17 yr old had his work cut out with 3 kittens that...
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    Where are you from

    I"m from The United Kingdom and I dislike this country I hopeing to move to canada my nan finds that interesting as she is from canada
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    OK to get him stoned every evening?

    my cats love cat nip but it sends the younger ones and on it makes them mentle
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    How often do you scoop?

    I have 3 kittens and 2 cats 1 litter box with lid 1 tiger box very large 1 normal litter box there is all ways some one here to keep trays clean its a lot of work but their worth it you would"nt leave a baby in a dirty nappy all day and you would"nt leave the your...
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    A quiz for YOUR CAT!!!!

    Kiera, Prince,Tabitha, Riddick and Mia answers 1)What is your fav food? Kiera chocolate:Prince sausages,Tabitha felix Riddick any food Mia ummm felix 2)What is your fav colour? Kiera chocolate:Prince any Tabitha I"m blind whats colour Riddick black and white Mia ummm not sure 3)If you live...
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    problem with your cat peeing then read this

    I hold my hands up high I have had trouble with a cat peeing and pooing in places it should"nt be one little riddick started that but as soon as it started I stopped it how well heres how cats dont like certain smells using pepper lemons which people say use DOES NOT WORK I have oils that...
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    My cat is annoying me

    our prince meows real loud his a full breed abby-sin he meows loud when he feels lost or is looking for company or to find you and as for washing bits his fixed and always washing his bits and no where else but he loves chewing his claws yek which I don"t like
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    Please help! A cat and two kittens not getting along!

    I have five cats 2 cats 3 kittens our tabitha does not like change and when we took on 3 kittens all hell broke loss from tabitha"s side over time she has got better it just takes time the kits seem to know when to back off but feeding time ah thats funny tabitha is as nice as pie but we are...
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    who has the crazyest kittens or cats?

    prince his lives up to his name a right charmer tabitha she blind just so normal every day cat riddick ahh yep his a monster your all time right little rascal into everything a kitten should"nt be yep from stealing things to ripping up the toilet rolls oh and not for getting every in...
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    this is a good site but

    this is a good site but there is no chat room where we can type and reply to have normal sort of talk to one another but then we would never get of the computer it will stuck on our finger tips I also go on k9 community site and both sites could learn a thing or two about each others site set...
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    who has the crazyest kittens or cats?

    I have five cats and for some reason this question pops into head which one of my cats are crazy? so I"ve been watching them and do you know all of mine are nutters and sound like thunder when playing around I know of quite a few things they have done to make me lol one of my cats was having...