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    Upper Respiratory Infection question...

    I volunteer with 4 rescues and have many cats of my own. I researched upper respiratory infections for a story I was working (I write about cat rescue for the Sacramento edition of, and was surprised by some of the facts. It confirmed that the cats should not go untreated, as the...
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    Your input needed regarding feral cats

    Many thanks to all of you - great feedback and suggestions! I'm going to digest all of it, plus the info I've gleaned from feral rescues, then summarize it for the brainstorming session I have planned in several weeks. And thank you to all of you for your hard work and dedication to kitties! Val
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    Your input needed regarding feral cats

    Thaks for the input - you really know your stuff! Local laws here involve next to nothing, aside from saying how many cats a person can claim ownership of. The head of the local Animal Control said they can help trap some of them and then euthanize them. Personally I don't see HUMANE...
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    Your input needed regarding feral cats

    Hi, I'm Val. I volunteer with 4 animal rescue groups and write cat rescue articles for in my Sacramento, CA home. Hubby and I have 11 rescue cats of our own (yes, we are insane). As the contact person for one feral cat group, I get a lot of calls from people who are having...