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    Cat only eats shred?

    Ment to type interesting
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    Cat only eats shred?

    Mine eat Pate mostly but they also enjoy shreds and filet varieties as well,sometimes I mix them to really make it interrupted for them.
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    3 month old kitten is almost 6 pounds

    We had a cat named Jack that we adopted as a tiny kitten from the local humane society he grew to be close to 15 pounds, not fat,just big.He was also very similar in color to your kitten.
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    How old is everyone?

    I'm 21 for the thirty fifth year in a row.
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    HELP! Menadione sodium bisulfate…is it truly toxic?

    My two were raised on Fancy Feast pate, all flavors, as adult cats they eat Friskies pate and also the shreds and filet variety to switch things up for them, buy what you can afford and like I always say the best wet food for your cat is the ones that they will eat consistently.
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    Blocked Tom - Please Share a Message of Hope

    Hang in there! I have two male cats that have only eaten canned food since they were kittens, I too didn't know about kibble and urinary blockage in male cats until I found a web site explaining the merits of a wet food diet.
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    Is "good dry food" better than "low quality wet food" in a diet?

    I feed only wet food due to the fact that m male cats can easily develop urinary blockage on a kibble based diet, they eat mostly Friskies pate because that is what I can afford and they always eat it and sometimes the best food is the one your cat's will eat consistently
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    Substitute for Discontinued Crave chicken pate to hide medicine

    May sound odd, but my two go crazy for canned pumpkin and even eat it off a spoon for me. It is plain canned pumpkin not pumpkin pie filling.Might be worth a try, you can freeze the unused portion.
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    Sacrificial Furniture

    Mine don't scratch the furniture,I put double stick tape on the edges when they were kittens and redirected them to their scratching posts and cardboard scratchers that I had in just about every room. My problem is they try to use the carpeted stairs that go into the finished basement to scratch...
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    Friskies Out of Stock?

    I find some weeks are better than others with Friskies pate availability, inconsistent is a better word to describe it..
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    Update on Friskies

    I haven't noticed a change with my two, they eat Friskies classic pate twice a day.
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    What's The Weather And Temperature Like Where You Live?? - 2021

    In the 30's, light snow falling,typical February weather in New England
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    Cat litter with least amount of dust?

    I have never found a clumping clay based litter that wasn't dusty,that being said I use Tractor Supply Paws and Claws unscented clumping litter,has very good odor control.
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    My girls only eat cheap wet food :(

    My two were brought up on Fancy Feast classic pate ,my vet was pleased with their growth and weight gain. My personal philosophy is the best food is the one your cat will eat without pulling your hair out in frustration.;)
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    1 big meal or 2 smaller meals?

    Can you try a putting her kibble in a dispensing treat ball that she can bat around ? Eating and entertainment at the same time,my two enjoy it.