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    Why Are Black Cats Considered BAD LUCK?

    I love black cats so I have two! Elliott and William,litter mates.
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    6 months later, Fancy Feast apparently 'sucks'

    Have you tried Paws and Claws from Tractor Supply? The 3ounce can is what my two get at night,just like Fancy Feast ( which they are not crazy about either) classic pate.
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    Affording all wet - so confused on quality/price?

    I feed Friskies pate and Paws and Claws from Tractor Supply ,pate also. My cats are healthy and eat what is offered and with a cat my motto is the best food for your cat is the one that they will eat on a consist basis.
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    Thank you Tarasgirl06.
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    This cat is BIG and muscular too, and very sweet, makes sense what you say about lock down and neutering, his fur feels thin to me but he looks well fed at the same time too, I'm kind of new to cats, not sure what his fur should feel like,our cats are indoor and neutered but there coats are...
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    Yes he does meow, I was surprised to find him on my back steps last evening ,he wanted to be petted and allowed me to pick him up. I was wondering if he was dumped, someone's outdoor cat, or became an outdoor cat because he is not neutered and sprayed inside? He did eat a can of Tiny Tiger...
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    Caring for an Orange Cat

    This is a great thread and of interest to me because a similar situation is occurring to me with visits from a intact male to my yard,who likes to be petted but didn't care for the food I put out,both canned and kibble! Looking forward to more posts :hyper:
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    My neighbor left her dogs out in the heat

    I did read today that east Texas and parts of Louisiana are under a extreme heat warning and excessive humidity levels , I would not want to be in a crate outside in weather like that, I do hope animal control paid a visit.
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    Are my preemie rejected kittens going to survive?

    So sorry for the loss of the litter. You tried and in the end that is all we can do
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    Are my preemie rejected kittens going to survive?

    Keep up the good work, the only thing that we can do in life is try and have perseverance that it will work out in the end.
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    Is it true that low quality wet food is better than high quality dry?

    Mine have never had a meal of kibble, they eat only wet food,primarily Friskies classic pate and only get kibble in a food puzzle even then it is a small amount. I have read so much about male cats blocking due to dry food that I do not want to chance it.
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    What clipper is best to get rid of matted hair?

    It's not the clipper that is important but the blade, such as a #10 or a #15 or even a #30 blade. Please get your cat professional groomed, tight mats against the skin are not a do it yourself thing to try at home. I used to groom dogs professionally and went to grooming school, the tight mats...
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    Any guinea pigs owners on board?

    Timothy hay is excellent for guinea pigs and widely available but as stated they also need guinea pig food.
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    3 Day Old Kitten Care Help

    What a nice looking kitten,best of luck to you I hope it continues to go well for you.
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    Is it bad to not trim a cat's claws?

    With my two one is wonderful and I can do all his claws at once, the other one I have only been able to do his back paws and I'm slowly working on getting him used to the front, Going to try a different mail clipped for the front like others have mentioned