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    Should we rehome? (long)

    1) We had a reputable cat behaviorist come to our home. 2) My husband refuses to admit he has a problem, and therefore thinks he does not need therapy (for his hoarding).
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    Should we rehome? (long)

    I wish we had something like a free standing building to make a "cat house", because I would have already tried that. Please believe me when I say that the idea of rehoming IS a last resort. I mean, how many people do you know in real life (not here on this forum) who would even keep a cat...
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    Should we rehome? (long)

    We have 11 boxes - all uncovered - throughout the house. However, it is not practical to have litter boxes lining the entire walls of the dining room (25 ft, 15 ft, 15 ft) when there are already THREE litter boxes in that room alone. That's really hard to do when I'm in school or at work 10-12...
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    Should we rehome? (long)

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    Should we rehome? (long)

    Here's a brief history of the problem. We have 5 cats: Angel & Demon (littermates) are 4.5 years old, Gidget is 4 years old, and Casper & Abby (littermates) and 2.5 years old. All are former ferals from our backyard whom we rescued as kittens while TNRing all the neighborhood cats. Yes, all...
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    How often do you clean the litter box?

    We have plastic bins because at least three of our five kitties like to stand up to pee, and "real" boxes aren't tall enough. We get new boxes each year and would rather pay $7.00 per bin than $20 per "real" litter box. We use the odorless clumping litter from PetCo. We are thinking of trying...
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    please help peeing on furniture

    I've found that the enzyme cleaner only does so much, but that the oxy cleaner does a much better job of pulling urine from fabrics (carpet, sofa, sheets, etc.).  One thing about cleaning cat urine is to put a "barrier" of cleaner around the spot before applying the cleaner to the spot.  If you...
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    How much should my long hair kitty weigh?

    Our longhair girl weighs 9.6 pounds, and you can feel her ribs, spine and internal organs.  You can see a nice body taper from above, and cannot see a big belly paunch from the side.  If anything, she mght be a little on the skinny side.  Your best bet is to ask your vet if you are concerned.
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    Best carpet for resisting a couple of scratch-happy tigers

    ^^^  THIS.  Our cats love to dig into the shag area rug we had before we got cats and have pretty much destroyed it.  The single pile area rug we got for our bedroom has lasted three years without a mark.
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    unusual peeing

    One of our girls started spraying and peeing because of stress caused by a couple of things (we fostered an injured kitten then a new feral cat started coming around our house).  We tried almost everything suggested on the internet and in the books, but nothing worked.  We finally took her (and...
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    At my wits end... (peeing / spraying female)

    We've had four diffusers scattered throughout the house ever since we took the first of our cats in.  We've had the diffusers for almost 3 years.  Maybe it's time to buy new ones?  (Do they wear out and become less effective after a few years?) A second cat, Angel, has started spraying as...
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    At my wits end... (peeing / spraying female)

    Our "problem child" is about to drive me insane!  I am sitting here writing this, smelling of cat urine because she just sprayed in my chair and I didn't notice it until after I sat down and my shirt was soaked. For over a month now, Gidget has been peeing and spraying (see thread) constantly...
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    Prozac for bullying

    I'll be following this thread and hope you keep updating on your kitties' behavior.  I hope this makes a difference in their behavior.  Our two oldest girls have recently (in the past two weeks) started spraying and fighting, even though the kitten we were fostering (the only change we could...
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    Peeing / Spraying (vibes needed)

    Thanks for the vibes.  I took Gidget to the vet.  He couldn't get any urine from her, so he couldn't confirm whether she had a UTI or not.  He put her on an antibiotic "just in case" and said to call if her behavior didn't change and he would give her a prescription for Prozac.  In the past...
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    Bach's Rescue Remedy

    Thank you for this.  I thought the human version could be used with pets, but my  husband said the that lady at the store told him it could't.  Is it best to put it in their food (all our cats eat wet food), or is it okay to put it in their water bowls?