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    Name three things

    Clean the kitchen Get groceries Laundry!
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    Laser declawing? Is it better?

    Thanks everyone :) I was just checking in with the hive to see what the thoughts were. I figured it's the same thing really but just wanted to see what people thought. I have always been against it and still am.
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    Tigger.......... :(

    I'm sorry to hear this Susie :(
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    What's one positive thing you can say about the last 24 hours of your life?

    I got caught up on my studying!! :)
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    Laser declawing? Is it better?

    Hey all, I haven't been around in a while. Life gets in the way! I have never ever ever believed in declawing and would never do that to Trout. However someone told me that this new laser declawing is a lot less bleeding and pain and the cat recovers fine. I'm just wondering what everyone...
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    Hurricane Sandy Photos

    Wow, how scary! I'm glad we only got some rain and wind here. Some parts of Ontario were pretty bad but not as bad as the middle of the storm.
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    We are just getting the tail end rain part of it thankfully!
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    Do you decorate for Fall/Autumn and/or Halloween?

    No...but I carve a pumpkin and put it on the steps lol.
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    Question of the Day - Saturday, October 6th

    It's not that cold, still kinda warm and kinda sunny. Some rain. We don't the heat on. I would consider it nice fall weather for a nice walk outside!
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    Could use some prayers and healing vibes for my Uncle Jack...please.

    Your uncle Jack and your family will be in my thoughts.
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    Saw the pulmonary surgeon today!

    Great news!!!
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    Question of the Day - Saturday, September 22

    Honestly, ANY flavour is my favorite. I love pie.
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    What's for dinner?

    Tonight we are going to DH's gramma's for a roast!!!
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    Would you leave your animals and not be in contact?

    Usually once a week. I find cats are different than dogs though. Trout just lays around and I know that so if there is anything to report, the petsitter would let me know. (Since its DH's mom)