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    Stray cat gone missing...

    We have been caring for a stray for about 2 years already. He always show up on our office door every morning without fail (OK, maybe 1 or 2 days MIA) but he will definitely be back.. Now it has been a week since we last seen him...I'm afraid he has met in an accident..... How do i find him...
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    Cat suddenly went berserk

    My adopted 8 Yr old tortie is a very sweet cat. When she's on her playing mode, I'll just put my hand near her and touch her. At first she will light bite my hand but once she realises its my hand, she will immediately lick it. I don't know why but every morning she will bite me when I did not...
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    How do i get a stray-turned-house cat to use enclosed litter box?

    Thanks for all your advices...i shall just open the gate of the litter hahaha...
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    How do i get a stray-turned-house cat to use enclosed litter box?

    Well....I recently bought a really nice enclosed cat litter box (and expensive one) for my girl to use so that I will save the time to sweep the pallets on the floor everyday.. She actually does use the litter box but you know there's steps outside the actual litter to trap the pallet from...
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    Our cat just went for dental

    Our adopted 8 years old cat just went to the vet for dental for the first time yesterday. It was supposedly to clean her tartar but when she was returned to us the vet has plucked out her 3 decayed teeth at the back. As we are first time pawrents, we were very worried for her. When she got back...
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    Should cat go for dental care?

    Hello all, she has been to the vet for her yearly vaccination last week and I have checked with the vet and she says she needed to go for dental cleaning if not it will get worse over time and it may lead to some dental diseases.. She is scheduled for next week dental appointment and *fingers...
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    Hello is my cat sick or something I should worry?

    I recently observed my girl has been licking her paw..and when I come close to see..the “skin” inside her nails were pink instead of white. So i was wondering she is having some sort of injury to cause this or what? Is it something I should be very concerned with? I have attached the picture for...
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    Should cat go for dental care?

    Hello! I’m a new cat owner myself and my first time having a cat so I do not know how to brush her teeth. I do give her dental treats because her breath stinks and nothing more. :o
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    Should cat go for dental care?

    I’ve adopted a middle aged cat last year and have always wondered if she needs dental care? I’ve seen a lot of stories regarding cats getting dental diseases which scares me but the thought of my beloved cat being anesthetised for it scares me more. Last year when I brought her to the vet for...
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    How long will it take for neutering to heal for male cats?

    How long will it take for neutering to heal for male cats? It all started when i sent my cat for grooming and mentioned about this stray i was feeding for 2 years at office to the groomer. Like how he always have tons of injuries whenever he appeared etc the groomer suggested me to...
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    How to get a cat to like the leash?

    Hi, recently we wanted to get our adopted stray cat which has been living outside for half of her life to go outside for a walk. But the moment we put her on the protective cover leash, she doesn't want to move at all. If we are bringing her out...i guess she will just lie on the ground and not...
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    advices pls

    hello, i have a stray cat which greets us at our office door everyday. we do let him in and accompany us for the whole day and let him out when we are off work. he occassionaly comes in with new injuries maybe because we are situated near industrial areas and i feel really bad for him. i did...
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    Neutering a stray?

    If i bring a stray for neutering (hes a male), will he fight lesser with other cats? We have been feeding him for about 2 years and he has been constantly coming back with new injuries...probably from fighting with other cats or he scraped something sharp as we are in an industrial site. Will...
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    Cat is slightly limping, should i take her to see a vet?

    Hi all, my tortie is slightly limping after i got back from work. All my family members said i was over reacting but i am certain she was limping. Should i bring her to see a vet? :(
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    What brand of wet canned food should I buy?

    My adopted tortie which is 8 years old is having her Sheba canned food daily twice but i just read online someone saying that many cats have chronic kidney disease from eating this brand. As i am a new cat owner, i do not know what is good for her but all i know she prefers gravy meals thats why...