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    Just how bad is a fishy diet really?

    It's not sudden. It's been a gradual change over the course of her life. If she LIKES the food she will eat it. If she doesn't like it, you're just S.O.L. If I noticed any other weird behavior changes I would totally take her to the vet, but she just...doesn't eat if it isn't tasty. She begs for...
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    Just how bad is a fishy diet really?

    My sweet Reese has gotten pickier and pickier over the past year. She's gone from eating everything on her plate and begging for more as a kitten to turning her nose up to just about everything I give her. Nothing lasts longer than a few bites. She isn't even tempted by 'people food' like turkey...
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    Spots on eye.....

    My boy has those spots too. I think they are just pigmentation.
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    Rabbit paws. Safe to chew?...

    I got Reese some rabbit fur toys a while back and she refused to play with them. She'd put them in a 'nest' and clean them like kittens. To this day if you put one in her cat tree she jumps up to carry it back to the ground where it's 'safe.' 'This cat tree is not age appropriate for my...
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    What to do for a 15+ yo cat who is bored but doesn't like to play?

    I hide food for mine! He's getting to that age where he can't (and definitely doesn't want to) romp and play, but he loves to eat. A little too much haha! I put all the dogs away and hide scraps of food and treats all around for him to find. Sometimes I'll make an obstacle course, like putting...
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    Contest Picture of the Month: December 2019: Snuggle Cats

    I can't believe how well Reese's newest picture fits in with this theme!
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    Life Hacks With Cats

    What makes life with your cats easier? Share your kitty life hacks! Ingenious, clever, or just plain silly. I'll start: When your grumpy, stubborn senior kitty scarfs other cats' food, put a big 'scary' furball in front of the door and tell him to stay there. Grumpy kitty won't pass his mortal...
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    Contest What makes your kitty so adorable? (Share stories to win!)

    ENTRY! I'll enter this one! What makes my kitty adorable? My little Reese is just...the biggest weirdo! Everyone who spends time with her comes away going 'what are you?!' For example... She sits like this. She thinks the toilet is her crystal ball. She likes to have her belly rubbed...
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    Show Us Your Cats Together

    Some things never change!
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    Before And After

    The day after I found Reese, early last July. For the first few days, she absolutely would not 'un-hunch' her back. She walked around scrunched up like that all the time. I assume she was in a tremendous amount of pain. The latest picture that I took of her this morning! I have no idea why...
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    Someone Has Their Grumpy Pants On

    Show your cats being grouches! Poor Reese. She adores Sir, but in the last year or so he's decided to turn into a crotchety old man. (Can you blame him? He's at least 13 now.) When she was tiny, he would play and romp with her, but he's all done with that now. She still tries her best though...
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    Baby Or Prey

    Haha I've been there! It's so cute but so gross. Yep, @Tobermory is right! Reese has a filthy scrap that she adores too. I think it's just like a kid getting attached to a toy. Reese takes it to a whole new level though. She makes sure that Teabag is fed and watered appropriately. :rolleyes2:
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    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    Thanks! It's actually a mix of two names...Sylvester and Survivor. But Sir for short, because he's a gentleman!
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    Do You Know Your Cats' History?

    Sirvester-Many, many years ago, my boyfriend (long before he met me) found himself hiding in the garage to catch whatever was getting into the dog food. He heard a noise and stood, only to find that the dog food container was knocked open but empty. After a look under the car, he found a scrawny...
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    There's A Lot Going On In My Backyard Today!

    I just have to share because it was too crazy. This morning I went to let my puppy Tyke outside to potty. While he was in a pee squat, I noticed one of the neighborhood strays (Reese's 'boyfriend', Romeo) sneaking through my backyard with a MOUSE clamped in his jaws. He froze stock still with...