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    Bridge Thoughts

    It was one year ago today we said goodbye to our little 12 year old buddy, much too soon. It happened quick but it was very very hard to say goodbye. We think of him everyday and no one will ever compare to the love and joy he brought to our everyday life. RIP little man we love and miss you lots.
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    Two cat boxes one used for pee other poo ,help!!

    We have 2 kitties ,a male and a female. We have one litter box they both use faithfully. We started with two boxes but they both used only one so we eliminated the second. We are also home to keep the boxes very clean. 
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    I am thinking of getting a new cat and need some advice

    How about visiting a shelter and see how your son and the kitties interact? You may be pleasantly surprised and get your answer.
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    What food are you craving? - 2017

    Chocolate almond chip ice cream!
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    What's for dinner? - 2017

    Spaghetti, meatballs and garlic bread, salad.
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    What's the weather and temperature like where you live?? - 2017

    We have about 15 inches of snow and it is still coming down. Very windy enough to rattle the house.
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    Double Letter game

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    GAME - The 'ing' game

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    Double Letter game

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    GAME - The 'ing' game