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    I might pop!

    Awwww I feel that way about my boy Patches he really is my boy. But a little kitten called Bandit has wormed his way into my heart. And not because of how he is with me. When we lost my hubby's heart cat Tik he said he didn't want another cat. But I got my own way and brought this kitten into...
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    Hey people I pooped!

    Of course your girl is special. But it's not unusual my boy's tell me before they go they shout me, I tell them well go then stop telling me.
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    My daughter doesn't put up with nonsense they all got told from a early age to be nice to the pet's. I'm proud of how they have been with their cat's. It helps they have grown up with the other two. They are good kid's and very responsible. The eldest even helps with litter changes because...
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Thank you, I think she's pretty but I'm biased. Lol. We are shocked at how well it's going so quickly. My daughter and me had been expecting weeks or even months working with him. But he really has took a shine to her. And I think the other cat's help. We know that there is still alot to work...
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    My cat has odd behaviors

    We have one very similar my hubby calls him his cat-dog.
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    Your cat’s reaction to flea control?

    Patches hears the packet and he's off we have to pin him while we put that little drop on him, you would think we was tipping acid on him then he sulks for the rest of the day. Bandit doesn't bother so much I wouldn't say he enjoys it though he'll still runs to hide but accepts his fate once...
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Fantastic update and a early meeting of the cat's. He has taken a shine to my daughter he no longer hides when she goes into his room and allows her to pet and hold him. It's only my daughter he does this for everyone else he hides from. Lol. She has started to bring him downstairs and put the...
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    I had to unexpectedly euthanize my Tony last night and the guilt is consuming me

    I am so sorry for your loss. But I have to agree with what everyone else has said. Ifs and buts and what ifs go with this choice. To keep him with you for possibly a few more weeks would not have been the right choice. I'm sure Tony would thank you for ending his suffering and not making him...
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    That's so nice to hear. My mother in laws friends have a street cat from dubai. She flew all the way to the UK and now she won't go outside, she's supposed to be a barn cat but has made herself a indoor cat. Lol. My MIL says she hates the cold here. Lol. Yeah luckily my daughter understands it's...
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Yes it does I was surprised when the vet said just keep a eye on it. My daughter was expecting to take him to get it removed or a mad care plan. But he doesn't paw or rub at it as far as we know but we'll know more once we can get him out of the bathroom. My daughter now talks to him on her way...
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    Hunting Dangerous Prey.

    You always get such incredible pictures love that we have been saved. :thumbsup:
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    Meet my boys

    :welcomesign:to you and your boy's. They are so cute cuddling.
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    Semi ferral we think. Need advice.

    Thankyou, when my daughter said he could join her family I was over the moon. I really just introduced them. Lol. We are hopefull that the little guy does not need treatment for his eye ever the vet said it looks bad but isn't, it looks worse than it is. I agree he must of been scared poor...
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    Question of the Day - Tuesday, February 23

    For me it would be Queen.
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    Had to put my 10 year old cat down... Depressed...

    I'm so sorry for your loss. I can tell how much you loved Ginger from your post. You did all you could for your boy. You ended his pain and broke your own heart doing that. I know he would Thank you for all the love you gave him. He'll be at the bridge pain free wondering why your so sad because...