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    Clara Bell's babies

    Still a bit weird that Clara would just dissappear like this when she has such a young litter, 26hours is a long time, and a mother cat should know that even without having the sense of time, even in heat she should return for her babies. Hope she comes back soon. Have you got any more pics of...
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    Is my cat pregnant ?

    Have you sexed them yet?
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    Clara Bell's babies

    How old are the kittens now, Clara may have come into heat and gone to get herself babbed up again lol. The baby's are gorgeous, how many are there?
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    pregnant cat!

    As you guys maybe aware, Felix recently turned one year old on the 8th April. He is doing well, however we do have, finally, a Proper diagnosis from a completely different specialist vet. His ribs are not connected to his sternum connected with soft tissue. His heart is enlarged but only...
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    Is my cat pregnant ?

    HaHahaha @StefanZ I believe the term is just "under the weather" lol... Nice to see you are still here giving hope and helping kitties in need :-)... My Felix is still alive and doing well considering, and that's partly down to you and your great advice :-) @metcalfe1987 I'm glad to here momma...
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    Is my cat pregnant ?

    Hiya, movement should be limited. There's not much room left for them in the womb and as they are making their way down the birth canal it's even tighter. Dont stress, remember cats have been giving birth without humans present for thousands of years and then some. Leave her alone for a while...
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    Question of the Day - Thursday 5th March

    I just happen to think my eyes are the best part of me lol...their hazel coloured, brown/green on the outside and a lovely yellow/gold around the pupil, almost like a sunflower :-)
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    Coat pattern identification

    She's definitely a shaded silver tabby...but I'd still agree with everyone else saying shaded silver tabby torti because of the red. It's not a deep red is it, just slight, but it's still red. If you google shade silver tabby torti, I think you'll be surprised how much the colour/pattern can...
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    Sage my Pregnant cat

    Aww they are soo cute, is Rosemary the bobtail? It's amazing how quickly they grow. Alot faster than dogs id say.
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    Is my cat too fat?

    I used to feed her dry complete food. But she decided she didn't want it anymore so tried her on canned food (she has around half a can in a morning and a handful of dried through the the day which she shares with the others. She's not a greedy cat, she's just got lazy.
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    Is my cat too fat?

    Hi thanks for getting back to me, I can feel her ribs, just. I'd say shes a 7 on that chart. I'll try and get a pic from above, I'm at work at the minute. The other cats are 5 on that chart.
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    Is my cat too fat?

    Hi guys, just after a little bit of advice. I have three cats Sammy, Tigger and Felix. Sammy and Felix are my little boys and both have been fixed and I have no real issues with them. Tigger however, my little girl who has also been fixed, has gained so much weight since and I'm concerned it...
  15. Is my cat too fat?

    Is my cat too fat?