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    Tiggz ran away!

    We had a field behind our house too, we checked but he wasn't there, we have plenty of stray cats in this area though, I see about 5 different cats outside my window everyday, I hope he's safe somewhere..
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    Tiggz ran away!

    No, he still has not come back yet, I miss him sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, but I'm not giving up one bit!!
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  10. Kitty catalog. (:

    Kitty catalog. (:

    Kitty pictures!!! Signatures, avatars. Everything kittykat!
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    Tiggz ran away!

    Thank you everyone, all your support and ideas are greatly appreciated, it's good my best friend lives on that street, if she sees him wandering around the neighborhood, she'll surly bring him back to me.
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    Tiggz ran away!

    We've done all of those so far but not yet put up signs, were going to do that tomorrow. Also we moved about 25 miles away from our old house, and what i'm also worried about is behind the house is a huge wheat field and a few old sheds, we think he might be hiding in some of them. I hope he...
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    Tiggz ran away!

    Umm, so recently we were moving into our glorious new home, but while we were bringing him to the house, he ran away! We didn't have a cage because his recently broke and we didn't get enough time to buy him a new one, so my sister was carrying him to the door, and he jumped away. It's been 3...
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    The Cheesecake Factory

    We had one near by my dad's house when I went on vacation and they're delicious! I like the apple cheesecake with Cinnamon, tasted like apple pie-cheesecake version.