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    Low Cost, Better Quality Cat Food List For My Kitties

    wet...Natural Value, Iams Purrfect Delights, Purina True Nature, Under the Sun. dry...Nutro, Evolve
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    Dry Food Options?

    It's been a mix of wet and dry from about 7 months. She prefers dry but the ratio that I feed her varies. Her favor flavors are: dry...Purina Beyond, Nulo FreeStyle wet...Purina Beyond, Purina True Nature, Sheba
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    Lower Price Canned Cat Foods

    Purina Beyond and some varieties of Purina Pro PlanTrue Nature.
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    Cat Will Not Allow Me To Fall Asleep!

    Same thing happened to my gal in the initial months after I adopted her. Like clockwork she would come into my bedroom at 4AM and start licking me; or worse, dive-bomb at my feet. They grow out of it.
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    Considering Switching To Purina Beyond Dry Grain Free. Advise Needed

    Purina Beyond dry is one of our go go-to brands. My gal has loved it since day one. Mostly offer her the chicken formulas, but if I let her she would eat the SuperFood Blend (Herring) formula all day long. While you're at it, try Purina Pro Plan True Nature Chicken. Grain Free.
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    Suggestions For Cheapest Chicken, Fish, Turkey, And Grain Free Foods?

    Natural Value is a Northern California company that specializes in organic food of all kinds, including cat food. You can find their cat food varieties at I think that they have brick & mortar stores in their local area. I get mine shipped from Also, I forgot to mention DVP...
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    Suggestions For Cheapest Chicken, Fish, Turkey, And Grain Free Foods?

    Natural Value Sardine & Shrimp Purina ProPlan True Nature Beef & Giblets Read the labels to check for poultry content.
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    Cheap, But Excellent Dry Food

    Any Purina Beyond variety. Also... Purina Proplan True Nature Chicken & Egg Canidae Pure Elements Chicken Nutro Indoor Advantage Chicken Under the Sun Turkey Under the Sun Chicken Diamond Naturals Kitten Formula (chicken Evolve Maintenance Formula (chicken)
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    Proplan Causing Problems?

    We like Pro Plan here at our house, but we stick to specific formulas. There are several iterations of Purina Pro Plan but my gal prefers Pro Plan True Nature, which she has never rejected. The True Nature Chicken, Turkey and Beef pates are quickly consumed. As for dry versions, she likes the...
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    Actually, Poultry Platter is one of the best Friskies recipes. No grain content. Nutritionally it will be fine for your cat, if it eats it.
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    Should We Vary A Cats Wet Food?

    Indy Jones, that's my rule, too. That's the way I was raised, and I'm not even a cat.
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    Fancy Feast Addict

    I second the recommendation regarding True Nature. The "classic" recipes are a couple of steps up from Fancy Feast, at a reasonable price. I also like Sheba, which is similar to Fancy Feast but seems to please my cat more than Fancy Feast.
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    Nutrisource Food Good Or Bad?

    Purina Beyond is a good kibble (zero corn, zero wheat, zero soy)that is available is some supermarkets in North America. If you have no objections to fish flavors try Purina Beyond Superfood Blend (herring).
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    Budget Aside, Does Anyone Here Choose To Feed Grocery Store Brands?

    Dasust said; "I feed Pro Plan wet mainly. Yes, it is crap." I respectfully disagree. The Pro Plan formulas sold under the "True Nature" variety contain quality ingredients. More importantly, the pate versions do not contain corn, wheat or soy. Also, the True Nature recipes do not contain...
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    Best Cat Food

    My gal gets an even split between wet and dry. At the rescue shelter her diet was exclusively dry, which I continued when I brought her home. These days, rotating between wet and dry appears to keep her interested in her meals. I keep kibble in large jugs and when she hears the rattle of the...