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    Canned IBD diet

    My 11 year old Zeldan was just diagnosed with IBD. I am a little bit overwhelmed with choosing a food for him. I did some searching and had some options to try but gah now I can’t find those pages. He is on a canned food diet currently but has gotten very picky and of course vomiting a couple...
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    Cat pukes after eats some foods

    My cat is a fussy eater. If he’s hungry and eats something that isn’t his favourite he will puke it. Not sure why he does this. I am guessing he is so hungry but eats anyways. Not sure if behaviour issue or not but if I give him something he likes it stays down! Thoughts?
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    Struvite Crystals 1 Week Ago

    He’s great now! We did have to go back to the vet one more time, almost 2 weeks after the first visit, because he was having trouble peeing again. Turns out it wasn’t crystals again but just inflammation and probably stress. A rodent ulcer is also an eisonopholic granuloma. It is an immune...
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    Crystals Came Back :(

    Struvite Crystals 1 Week Ago Poor Thompson had another episode. He had almost 2 weeks with no issues. I noticed he was having problems again last night so I took him to the emergency vet. They think he has more inflammation than anything and when they looked at his urinalysis and ultrasound...
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    Urinary Issues

    I have a cat with idiopathic cystitis. Basically, he stresses himself out, gets inflammation in the urinsry tract and then has problems peeing. He isn’t obstructed, just a stress case. Usually it happens if we have company over or if the crow flies by LOL. When this happens he does what you...
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    Cat Won't Stop Overgrooming..please Help!

    Could it be an allergy to food?
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    Need Some Help

    I had to take my 4 year old into the vet for struvite crystals causing a blockage last weekend. It is very painful and life threatening if not treated ASAP. It’s like have a cork at the end of the penis and no matter what, they just can’t pee. I hope you can find an emergency vet ASAP.
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    Cat Is Very Ill-clear He Feels Awful

    Poor boy. Hope he feels better soon!
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    Struvite Crystals 1 Week Ago

    My 4 year old boy developed struvite crystals. I normally feed all my boys canned only food, but Thompson just had a depo medrol shot for a rodent ulcer and I just couldn’t keep up with his appetite! He usually eats a small amount of kibble but was eating up to 1/2 a cup a day. Long story short...
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    What Is The Recovery After A Dental Cleaning?

    She should do just fine. Glen had 13 teeth removed and he was just fine after. He got pain medications for a couple days. Other than that he was great. She might seem a bit loopy after the anaesthesia and pain meds for a couple days but she should do just fine.
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    Eosinophilic Granuloma? *pic Attached*

    Thompson is 4 and strictly an indoor cat. A few months ago I noticed a sore in the corner of his mouth. It looked itchy but it went away after a week or so. A couple of weeks ago, a different sore appeared on the other side. This side has looked the same for a couple of weeks and doesn’t seem to...
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    Commercial raw and few teeth!

    Unfortunately we don't have Rad Cat here.
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    Commercial raw and few teeth!

    Glen, my 12 year old, had a dental 2 weeks ago and they took out 13 teeth! He broke a tooth a while ago and one just fell out so he doesn't have a bunch left! He is also diabetic and currently in remission. I've been giving him canned but he and is brother like Red Kat Blue Dog best. He does...
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    All 3 can't be this fussy about wet food!

    So in the end my kitty didn't have a uti. He had crystals which was painful for him to pee. The vet put him in urinary so with zero success.
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    All 3 can't be this fussy about wet food!

    I've just switched all 3 of my cats to a canned diet. My middle cat had crystals in his urine so I made the switch. I am super frustrated though trying to find something they will actually eat! I am trying to give high protein/low carbohydrate. They previously shared 1 can of Friskies and ate...