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    Thank you again Marilyn!

    Thank you everyone! I enjoyed answering your questions. Marilyn
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    Thank you again Marilyn!

    I'm happy to hear about the improvement! Sometimes it just takes something as simple as that... Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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    Behavior drugs

    Sometimes drugs are appropriate... I advise following your veterinarian's suggestions and I always defer to the vet. Having said that, I like to try behavior modification first... with vet approval. Marilyn
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    New cat intro...

    Yes... slow down!!! It can take a month or longer to properly introduce a new cat to the resident cat. Try following the steps I outlined in the .pdf and it's very important to take it slow and gradual. Remember... you are on Cat Time... which means that introductions can take longer then what...
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    New mama (stray) becoming aggressive toward other cat

    There's nothing more powerful then a mom protecting her young'ums... You'll either have to keep them separated or supervise them whenever they're together. Marilyn
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    Attacking while in the litterbox

    Not using covered boxes. Multiple boxes: putting them in different parts of the house, including upstairs. I recommend the 66 qt. Sterilite Clearview Storage containers. No top... 12 inches high. Translucent, so cats can see who is approaching. Harder for a cat to resource guard if there are...
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    Spraying and bullying with 6 cats

    Are you still rescuing ferals? If so, where are you putitng them? Are they in the same building as your resident cats? Also, what are you using the clean up the targeted areas? Marilyn
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    Will this work as an introduction??

    This afternoon I started a thread and attached a .pdf that gives step by step instructions on introducing cats to each other. Essentially, all of the recommendations are aimed at the cats having positive experiences and associations with each other before they meet nose-to-nose. You may want...
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    Elevator behavior

    Yes... Let's try to desensitize her to the noise. Next time the vacuum elevator is on, make a recording of it. Then, when the elevator is quiet, turn the recorder on, volumn low. At first you might want to leave it on for about 1 second... on low... You want to gradually build up, playing a...
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    Clicker training two cats

    My cats are all clicker trained, I also teach my clients how to CT their cats. You do need to separate the cats when you are CTing. Otherwise they will be distracted. You will have to put the cat you're not working with in a separate room. After the cats start learning different behaviors and...
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    Barn cats intro to Indoor Cats

    Thank you! I started a new thread... M
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    Introducing a new cat

    Hey everyone, I've attached my page on introducing cats to each other. Marilyn
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    Barn cats intro to Indoor Cats

    Anne, I don't see the link here that will allow me to attach a file. The size of the document is 32 kb Marilyn Krieger, CCBC
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    Should I let them work it out?

    When adding a new cat, please, everyone... take your time. The newcomer needs to be separated from the resident cat sometimes up to a month or longer, depending on the cat. While the cats are separated, you encourage positive experiences between them by engaging in activities they both enjoy...
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    8+ year old spraying problem

    In your description, it appears that there are many challenges. I can't address all of them, I can only touch the surface in this forum and give you a few tips. First of all it's very important that you start getting Connor used to the idea of a baby. Try to figure out what kind of schedule you...