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    My Cat is dying please pray for him

    So sorry! Sending prayers for you :vibes:
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    What are some great modest ideas for gifts for a cat lover?

    Wonderful ideas!:)
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    Does your cat sleep with you?

    Both my kitties sleep with me. Buddy sleeps next to my legs, Aria sleeps on a pillow next to my head. Sometimes she sleeps with her cheek resting against my cheek and she breaths in my ear. I love it when she does that! :cloud9:
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    What nicknames do you have for your cat?

    Aria's nicknames are Squash Blossom or Muffin Butt. Buddy's nicknames are Creampuff or Peanut or Little Monkey.:)
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    Cat starting to drool when purring

    Both my kitties drool when they are purring, especially when they are kneading and purring.
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    February 2020 Book of the Month Club

    Yeah I didn't think of that :)
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    February 2020 Book of the Month Club

    Hi Verna, Emma said several times "horrible", like cole slaw in a runny pile, limp french fries, sloppy joes. I'm not sure if everyone thought it was horrible or just Emma, but I thought it was everybody. And it stood out a lot when someone I forget who brought her fillet minon from the Lodge.
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    February 2020 Book of the Month Club

    I would rate it a 4.5. I really enjoyed it, but it took me a little while to get into it. Then I was hooked. Lots of twists and turns and surprises. One thing stood out as unbelievable to me though - the camp food being "horrible". If Fanny and family were so rich, and they had filet minon in...
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    February 2020 Book of the Month Club

    I just got the book in the mail, I'm going to read it over the weekend so I can participate in discussion next week. :)
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    Picture of the view out your front door

    Wow that's really cool!