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    New and looking for support

    CallieAllie, Your situation is so sad too, so sorry to hear of your precious girl passing. I hope that this site brings some form of comfort & support to you, as well as the people around you. I know what it i like to try to no avail to help, but they are too weak or in pain to do what we want...
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    New and looking for support

    How are you feeling today? x
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    Aah yeah me too, otherwise lovely. Love the one of the cat flicking through yellow pages!
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    Adorable :)
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    suggestions for dealing with sickly cat over weekend

    Thanks all.....I really needed support over the weekend and you gave it to me through....I hope that I can return the favor and pay it forward :)
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    Question of the Day: Sunday, May 18

    Yes, I agree with RaquelMaria15, I mean unless we're talking about 'People of' (lol), you don't have to be perfect to expose some skin. I used to have fantastic legs, flawless and toned, well they ain't that way anymore (!) and I'm never going to be that 20-30 year old again, but I...
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    New and looking for support

    So very, very sorry to hear the loss of your kitty Rosie, but it sounds as though she had 17 wonderful years with you and had the best momma in the world. My cats are not 'like' my kids, they 'are' my kids, literally and this week I have been through many scares with my little baby. I hope and...
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    How do I stop my cat from kneading on my face?!

    Oh my, you poor thing.....I had to teach my one cat 'settle down or go away' and gently nudge her away - as it's annoying right near the face in the middle of the night, let alone ON the face. I did have to teach her the consequences of it 'there and then' though, so as opposed to just locking...
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    Need a name for my new fur kid

    He is adorable...I like 'Possum' for him, because of the colors. Possum is used as a term of endearment in Australia too!
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