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    My Shepherds

    They're definitely my favorite dog breed! :)
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    What other animals do you have?

    Considering I spent $140 at Tractor Supply this week on feed, some weeks it does! LOL. If I didn't need dog food for the Shepherds, it would have been around $100 though. Eventually will make more than having to spend! :)
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    My Cat Loves My Guinea Pigs!

    Too cute! :) Dozer sits on top of Calico's (guinea pig) little house all the time and hangs out with her.
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    Rest In Peace, Arlyn

    Very sorry to hear of her passing. I remember her from my earlier days on TCS. She was so young. RIP Arlyn. :rbheart:
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    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, May 2, 2018

    I haven't watched near as much TV these days, between work and then going home and spending time with the animals, dinner and then sleep ... and weekends are farm projects. No real favorite TV show. I enjoy quite a few, especially ones on Animal Planet, Nat Geo, but also quite enjoy true crime...
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    Hey There!!

    Welcome! Always nice to find a place where you don't seem quite as crazy ;) I know some people get tired of hearing me talk about cats/dogs/animals lol. And what gorgeous furbabies you have :)
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    Hello All! I'm Crystal.

    Welcome! :) What a wonderful thing to do for these kitties, and how great to find the positive in what was a crappy situation to start with. Sometimes the world works in mysterious ways and we don't know why at first. I hope everything with the bank got straightened out as well!
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    Just Need To Vent A Little

    I was going to get the county Sheriff office involved if it came to it, as my license reflected that as my legal address as proof I was just trying to retrieve what belonged to me... but I scoped out the driveway before the movers came (they actually were 30 min late) and my ex was there too. I...
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    My Shepherds

    Just wanted to share: Cant get over how photogenic my beautiful baby girl Ember is (when she stays in one place for more than 6 nanoseconds). She's my 2 year old Craigslist German Shepherd find. Once I got Ruger, I had always thought of eventually getting a 2nd GSD, and wanted a female...
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    What other animals do you have?

    Little bit of a "zoo" these days now that I live on a farm.. 2 German Shepherds (mine) 1 Boxer/Bulldog mix; 1 double merler red heeler, 1 lab mix (fiance's) 1 fluffy Tuxedo cat 2 parakeets ~15 rabbits Pair of young Katahdin sheep 4 Cayuga ducks 8 Khaki Campbell ducks 8 cornish rock meat...
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    Question Of The Day - Thursday 26 April

    When I lived in the neighborhood, I only had 1 set of direct neighbors, and got along relatively well with them. Both Clemson fans, had a dog also, and we'd exchange cards or cookies for the holidays. There were a few other friendly neighbors in the small neighborhood though did not talk to...
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    A Tip When Playing The Game Threads

    Learn something new everyday :lol:
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    Just Need To Vent A Little

    I sent the "friend" a text this morning saying the movers will be there at 10am, she texted back while I was at lunch & had just finished signing my storage unit lease to say her and my ex finished packing my belongings and that she will be there the entire time and will let the MOVERS in...
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    The Mega Pawsitive Fundraiser

    Positive #1 - Work bought lunch today :) Positive #2 - Storage unit manager waived the $24 admin fee Positive #3 - With all the stress and aggravation I'm being put through with the expedited move, I decided to treat myself to custom made address labels with a picture of my two Shepherds as...