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    Question of the day - Thursday 4 June

    He's not singing anything, he's doing a Darth Vader impression yelling "NOOOOOOOO!"
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    Rose, the supermom

    This week we got in another litter of 3 abandoned Kittens and she's still not complaining. She's getting spayed next week though, so there's that.
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    Name ideas for my Kitten?

    Looks like a Bubba to me.
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    RE: The "Tiger King" Loses Again and the TIGERS Win!

    Unfortunately the title of that article is misleading. The judgement doesn't give them custody of the animals, if you read carefully you'll see that the only mention of the animals in that judgement is that they must be removed from the property by the current tenant within 120 days. All it did...
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    I'm guessing you need a rigid brace? If so, yeah, it's going to be hard to find one that's not made of latex. You could try cutting a hole in one end of a small pillowcase and putting that over it, it would be less uncomfortable than wearing a tank top under your regular shirt.
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    Since I don't know the guy I can't really say one way or another but it's possible he may not have been saying it's a waste of time, maybe instead saying it could happen because it happened in his own family. I know if something like that had happened in my family and someone I know was talking...
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    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    Is that one of those running wheels? I was thinking about getting one but I decided not to risk it since I don't know if any of mine would actually use it.
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    Will my cat be okay when I go off to college?

    3? Yeah, try fostering a Kitten or younger Cat now while you're still home and see if they get along. If it works out then you can adopt and he'll have a friend while you're away.
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    coat color

    Looks like a Calico.
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    New to being a Kitten mom

    That's the biggest problem with anyone doing animal rescue/rehabilitation work. You get attached to them and it's hard to let go, but you can't keep them all.
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    Cat Triggered by Smell of Laundry Detergent?

    I have a Cat that goes nuts over my dirty shirts, usually when I've been working outside and sweated alot. She will roll around and chew all over them, the first time I found a shirt that she'd played with I thought she'd peed on the shirt there was so much slobber but then I saw her playing...
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    How Pet Owners Name Their Cats - What's Your Style?

    I give them descriptive names, so I name them after their personality or a distinctive feature. Patch has one eye, Tortzilla's "angry voice" sounds similar to Godilla's roar, Derpcat was originally Alana but.....well, she usually has a really dopey looking expression and in general just isn't...
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    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    Those can also be attached underneath any table or desk with eye hooks.
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    You Know You Care More About Your Cats Than About Yourself When . . .

    When you do this to your bedroom.
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    Depends on the chiropractor. Some are good, some are hacks and don't actually know what they are doing. Read reviews before going to one.