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    Corrupt a Wish

    It actually arrived already but was stolen by a porch pirate. .....Man, I hate porch pirates. I wish they would spontaneously combust.
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    Absolutely nothing,"family" is just a word. Our relatives are just as capable of screwing us over as some random troll on the internet.
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    Is my stray cat pregnant

    I guess I've been lucky then, I've had never had a female pee outside a litterbox just because of being in heat. I suppose I should count my blessings on that.
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    Is my stray cat pregnant

    Yes it's possible, though with a strictly indoor Cat that's litterbox trained it's most commonly a sign of a medical issue like a urinary tract infection. But yes, a female in heat will sometimes spray.
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    Is my stray cat pregnant

    Definitely looks like she's in heat. If at all possible isolate her in a room by herself to make it much harder for her to get outside, if she does get out she will probably stay out until she gets bred and may not even come back at all.
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    100% wet food diet - what about night snacks?

    Yup, a timed feeder would help, you can even get feeders that will keep food cold for several hours so you can put wet food in them.
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    8 month kitten refuses to cover poop

    Not covering poop isn't really a big deal unless it's being caused by a medical condition. Some Cats just use the litterbox and walk away without covering anything, one of mine doesn't and it's never been a problem. If the smell is the issue you could try changing her diet, as the odor mostly...
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    Cat with excess drool.

    Agreed on it possibly being due to mouth problems, one of the Cats I fostered drooled a lot and it turned out to be stomatitis. She also ate well but her mouth was a mess. You should take her to get checked by a vet anyway, if she was running around outside she most likely is infested with...
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    How does everyone bath their cat

    The only time a Cat would need to be bathed is if they get something on their fur that they shouldn't ingest, otherwise they keep themselves clean. It's actually a bad idea to bathe them too much because it dries out their skin, and getting water in their ears is generally bad. Some people with...
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    What to do about hairballs?

    If you're feeding him canned food at least once a day try adding a few drops of olive oil and it will help him pass the hairballs instead of vomiting them. It's best to use first cold pressed extra virgin oil though, as it is as free of contaminants as you can get. It's more expensive than...
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    Question of the Day, Happy New Year! (Friday, January 1)

    What decorations? I have nothing to take down.
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    Diet plan advice requested for a fat cat!

    Not a full meal no, but a small amount to see if they're still interested in eating and see if they'll keep it down yes. If they vomit again then there may be something more serious going on than just an upset stomach, but if they keep it down you can feed a bit more so they aren't going hungry.
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    Diet plan advice requested for a fat cat!

    It may be the plant based ingredients that are causing her to vomit, Tiki Cat has little to none depending on the variety (some of the fish flavors do have a small amount) and I know Merrick has some. One of my Cats developed an intolerance to any sort of plant based ingredients in her older...
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    Corrupt a Wish

    There is now cloud crap everywhere that piles up as fast as it can be cleared. I wish every time a politician told a lie they would immediately be stricken with uncontrolled flatulence.
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Someone offers to pay you a large sum of money if you dance a jig while wearing a dress made of trash bags while on fire. Predictably, it doesn't go so well. I wish disco would make a comeback.