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    Captured (hopefully rescued) a stray with an injured leg - advice?

    I have more experience with rebreaking in humans It can be done Nerve damage would need to be assessed Since he still uses it I would not amputate but explore other options first A vet school might be an option that could resolve cost issues This is just my opinion and of course you should be...
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    Is He A Ragdoll?! Please Help.

    He is beautiful Unless you definitely want a papered rag doll go and meet him If there is chemistry between you you will know what to do
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    Brands with a wider variety of meats

    It does say all life cycles I hope it works for you I am very happy with it
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    Brands with a wider variety of meats

    It is pricey But you feed less of it. My boys eat the dry mostly That is why I first tried Dr Elseys It seems to be one of the best dry foods out there Mine absolutely love it and because it take less to fill them up the cost isn’t as bad as it originally looks
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    Brands with a wider variety of meats

    Dr Elseys You can but a variety pack case
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    Have you had success? Aggression in cats.

    Maybe some calming medication from the vet would help to get things back on track
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    Is my kitten male or female?

    Little Girl
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    Realized that I never introduced myself+ new kitten 🐱

    Beautiful!!!!!!!! History and kitty’s
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    Trouble accessing the site

    I’m having the same issue
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    Please help with agressive kitten!

    Would it be possible for your kitten to spend some more time with your friends cats? It seems that produced some positive results Are your friends more experienced cat people? It could be that they would be willing to help this kitten learn how to be a cat while still young I think exposure to...
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    Ball tower of madness

    I bought one of these but my 2 are not impressed Glad to see it worked for yours So cute!
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    Not sure about vaccines, blood work

    Your not crazy just a Great kitty parent!
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    Boy Name Suggestions

    With all his pretty grey tones I would call him Steel Congratulations he is very handsome
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    Help! Super fussy bottle babies

    You are wonderful for helping them!!!! I hate to imagine the type of person that would tie them in a bag and put them in a gutter So amazing that they were found