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    Confused About Tractor Supply Equine Pine Pellets As Litter

    I agree a bigger option in the all pine box would be great. Weighed my two boys (siblings) last night 9lbs and 11 lbs I’m sure what you ordered will be good too. Using pellets makes litter box chores so much easier and you can’t beat the price Let is know how it goes
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    Opinions please "excitable aggression"???

    I agree that he just doesn’t know his actions are unacceptable. Poor guy! Hang on I’m sure experienced members will chime in with corrective measures. Pictures?
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    Confused About Tractor Supply Equine Pine Pellets As Litter

    This is the box I use Very good quality!
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    Most Relaxing Video You Will Ever Watch

    I have seen videos of these wheels before and wondered if my boys would use it looks amazing
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    My Queen had 1 premature dead Kitten. Need advice!

    Thinking of momma kitty and you Update is as you can please
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    Adopting A Cat/kitten For A Cat Who Lost Her Sibling

    Precious kitty’s ! So glad they have each other and of course you and your wife I totally relate to cats helping people thru rough times. On the worst of days they can make me smile
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    An Ode to Teddy

    What a beautiful life!
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    Adopted a new cat and need help please

    We would love to see some pictures!
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    Newly Adopted - Whats his age?!

    What a lucky boy that you found him and brought him to a safe home to get well! A question for those with more knowledge on shelters Is there any agency that checks on and regulates shelters? This one does not seem to be up to par.
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    How to handle a rescued cat living with me?

    Wow that was a great idea in an emergency situation. These are very lucky kitty’s
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    Feral and Stray Felines Are Too Precious To Be Considered Disposable

    There was recently a post on my neighborhood app with someone complaining about what to do with all these stray cats! I tend not to bite peoples heads off but just couldn’t take this one. By the time I finished and posted my Lengthy response I was happy to see many others had posted also...
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    Misty is 9 months

    Look at those whiskers. Beautiful as a baby and a teenager!
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    How to handle a rescued cat living with me?

    What do you know about their story? They were just left in an empty apartment? You are awesome and a HERO to these kitty’s !
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    What kind of kitten? ❤️

    Can u post a picture that includes his tail? His ear tuffs sure look like long hair to me. He is beautiful!