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    Oreo Says Hi

    Hi all my new kitten Oreo joined me 2 months ago, just came in from the street (she was around 2 months old according to the vet). apparently had lost her mama, and popped in our house, she is more of an outdoor cat but loves being inside as well. She is pretty active, pretty snuggly and...
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    Urgent Advice Needed: Outdoor Cat, Too Hot Outside, Too Dangerous Inside

    Hi, About a month ago a 2-month old kitten appeared in our yard. I give her food and water, dewormed her, and now that she reached 1 kg, gave her a vaccine. sometimes it gets too hot outside (more than 100 F), but there is plenty of shade, and the yard is safe, no other cats come in. I thought...
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    Very Picky Cat

    Good morning everyone, My cat Cotton is now 17 months old, she's a mixed Persian. She basically doesnt like canned chicken, used to eat it but won't anymore even when she is desparately hungry! I tried Sheba, Life and now Poesie. She used to eat Fancy Feast all flavors but recently she refuses...
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    Ear Mites & Likely Mange...any Relief Until Vet Appt.???

    I agree with you totally need a new vet!
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    5 Weeks Old Kitten And New Kitten Owners

    Hi, First, see your vet and make sure your cat is not suffering from an infection of the bladder or urinary tract. If there are no health issues, and she's still wetting her bed, then it's a behavioural issue, -It might be that the litter box is far, is your house more than one floor? you...
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    Lap Cat No More

    I have seen the same with my Cotton, as she became a teen, she grew more independent, less lap, more sleep in her own bed, plus the weather is hotter now. She still comes up for a cuddle, but it only lasts for a minute, then she sees a bird in the window :D
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    Some Suggestions Please??

    When I first got Cotton at 8 weeks old, had to cat proof the whole place. One thing that was useful, I got a spray from the pet store for furniture that u don't want her on, the smell repels cats, or you can use anything citrus, which probably would be a nicer smell for us, humans. As for...
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    Help! Is This A Hairball?!

    this is the picture, I thought I had attached it earlier, but apparently, I didn't:s she hasn't vomited anymore, but she won't eat. A friend of mine told me to give her safflower oil, olive oil, a bit of butter either is fine and helps digestion. She said the stuff pastes sold in pet stores is...
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    Help! Is This A Hairball?!

    Hello everyone, I have an 11-month-old mixed Persian female cat, my little sweet Cotton. I think we experienced today her first hairball! She has vomited previously but it was like two weeks ago and she had a bit too many snacks at the time. Today, she didn't eat anything more than she...
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    My Cat's New Friend Vs Foe

    Hi, My cat is 10 months old now, I got her spayed 2 months ago. Before getting spayed I was visiting my sister and Cotton, who till then was an indoor only cat, started roaming around the windows. When I let her out, she went up to a stray cat (female adult) that comes often to my sister's yard...
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    My cat is scared of something

    Hello  thanks for the replies everyone, KatKnapper, the attacks at my hands are like she's pouncing at them, she behaves like they're creatures of their own, something that is moving and she attacks it, kind of wrestles my hand/arm.  after posting this, I tried offering her food, but she won't...
  12. My cat is scared of something

    My cat is scared of something

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    My cat is scared of something

    hello, My cat which is a 9 month, female, half Persian (spayed and vaccinated), is suddenly afraid of something, I don't know what's happening to her.  for the past few days, my nieces have been here, they're ages 13, 8 and 2. The 13-year-old tried petting her but isn't too pushy, the 8-year-old...
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