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    4 week old?

    Hello everyone, I just thought I would send a quick update. The kittens are doing really well. We have kept them on kibble and formula and they are now fat and happy little ones. I estimate that they are now about seven weeks old and with no mother to teach them much more we have decided to...
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    4 week old?

    Thanks for your reply. We fed him a mixture of dry kibbles soaked in formula. He has put on a good amount of weight and is doing great. Tonight we found what we believe was his mom and four other kittens about his age. We were only able to catch three more of them though. The fourth was already...
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    4 week old?

    by the way he does have teeth and can handle solid food. I caught him with a bit of turkey lunch meat and followed it with a bit of tuna. He inhaled it.
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    4 week old?

    We have been having a time here. We are taking care of two stray puppies and looking for the owner and then this little guy shows up cold and hungry under my Jeep this afternoon. I would guess that he is about 4 weeks old. Should he have formula and kitten food or would he be alright with...
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    Afraid to put collar back on...

    Samuel has that same collar... (the blue one not the pink lol) and he kept coming out of it too. Then the bow slowly disapeared and now he is just wearing the blue collar with the stretchy elastic showing. My kitties need new "undies" soon. I was fairly happy with it except for the fact that he...
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    elderly cat needs nails trimmed- help!

    lol that is weird but I could totally see that happening. I may try it with my fiesty lil young things at nail trimming time. We do have a cat harness... hmm
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    Let's Talk Cat Litter :)

    We shop at Sams club and buy the 50lb bag of Tidy Cats blue formula and a 5lb bucket of baking soda. Its a bit dusty but if you pour carefully then its not a problem. I love the clean smell it has too. 3 cups of baking soda and a pretty good layer of litter in each box and there is absolutly...
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    Feral mom with possible newborns

    Hey guys I just wanted to update. The momma cat hasn't shown up in a couple of days now that I have seen. She may be eating when we are not there because the food is always gone. I think she may have moved her nest though because I havent heard any little meows the past few nights. We did...
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    Covert cat ownership?

    A few years ago when we got our first cats my fiance paid his pet deposit when he moved in. At that particular place it covered you for the entire time you were there and you could have up to three pets. I took our first tiny kitten in the building while my fiance was signing the papers for...
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    Feral mom with possible newborns

    Thanks guys, we have stocked up on some kitten wet food. We are going to go with the flow and see what happens. She has been showing up every night so far. *fingers crossed*
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    How did you come up with your cats name?

    Nightcrawler- When my fiancÃ169 moved down here in 03 he was still healing from the loss of his solid white cat Sunny. To help him heal I suggested we get a kitten. He ended up picking out a tiny solid black male kitten and named him Nightcrawler after a high school nickname of his. He sadly...
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    How do you wash the litterbox?

    I really have no idea what DF uses for that. I have puppy patrol and he has the kittie boxes. I'm not even sure if he does clean them out when changing the litter. I will have to ask. I do know for sure that we use extra baking soda mixed with the litter.
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    Do you worry about your home having that "kitty" smell?

    I dont worry about it anymore since I met the love of my life. That is a 5lb tub of baking soda. 3 cups mixed in with each litter box change and the smell is gone. It drove me crazy when our Samuel was still intact and spraying all over the place. He thankfully quit after he was snipped. Now the...
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    What are ten things we do not know about you?

    1.\tI traveled across Europe and saw parts of the world most people dream about seeing their whole life before the age of 9. 2.\tI wear a size 14 shoe which is a very hard size to find in womenâ€8482s shoes. I either special order them or wear a menâ€8482s 12. 3.\tI graduated valedictorian...