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    The storm pics

    Nice pics! Is the squirrel ok? I hope so, I just love those little critters!
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    RIP My Sweet Winnie

    I am so sorry for your loss Winnie was a beautiful girl, RIP sweet angel.  
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  4. Stormy'z Crochet

    Stormy'z Crochet

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    Five Years Ago Today!

    Happy gotcha day!!!  
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    Big Surprise!

    awwww, congrats to you and your hubby!!!  
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    Name three things

    Crochet Have to do laundry buy cat food, lol!  
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    The Song Title Game

    Run to the hills - Iron Maiden
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    Do you buy a birthday gift for yourself?

    I never have enough money for that But if I did I'd get myself a new tattoo every year, lol!!  
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    Kitten help? (This may sound morbid but I need help D: )

    awww, thanks for helping the poor little guy and giving him love and comfort in the short time he had. Sorry, I don't know about cremating his remains.  
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    What type of cats are these?

    Tabby is a coloration, not a breed, the video is so cute! I have  a kitty with  those same markings (but no white), he's a sweetie pie!
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    Handmade kitty figurine

    awwwww, that is adorable!  
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    The Movie Title Game

    Rush Hour