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  1. Stinky15

    Won't Eat - End Of My Rope

    Yes he had his teeth cleaned and examined last Summer.
  2. Stinky15

    Contest September 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat Bellies!

    I was commenting on my original post which was just a thumbnail.
  3. Stinky15

    Contest September 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat Bellies!

    My bad, I made it a thumbnail A few weeks after Biopsies.....
  4. Stinky15

    Worried About Cat Getting Runover

    My theory is there are stupid cats and smart cats. Some know what a car is and will stay away. Just like some will crawl in an engine compartment to stay warm and some know better. My own view is that it is cruel to try and keep a cat in if they want to be out. Humans have a habit of trying to...
  5. Stinky15

    Contest September 2019 Picture Of The Month: Cat Bellies!

    Stinky, several weeks after last years Biopsies!
  6. Stinky15

    Never Have I Ever....

  7. Stinky15

    Quit Smoking

    I quite in August 1998 after 32 yrs. of smoking. Sadly it was too late as I now have Emphysema. I am paying the price now! I didn't go cold turkey but did use the Nicorette gum. I was ready to quit and had made up my mind. It amazes me that anyone can even afford to smoke now. Cigarettes are...
  8. Stinky15

    Won't Eat - End Of My Rope

    I'm so sorry for your loss.
  9. Stinky15

    Won't Eat - End Of My Rope

    Just realized I hadn't posted in a while. I took Stinky in for an exam and vaccinations in June. No problems but one of his enzymes was a little high. I specifically asked to see his usual Vet. but when the Vet. came in the room it was one of the other ones. He said the Dr. had just delivered...
  10. Stinky15

    My Kitten Chews His Paws Raw

    Great going... Always good to get professional expert adv ice before trying the snake oil cures IMO.
  11. Stinky15

    Rx Clay

    Have you tried wrapping your cat in a towel to get her into the carrier?
  12. Stinky15

    My 7 Yo Cat Won’t Eat After Exploratory Stomach Surgery Which Did Not Find An Obstruction

    I'm sorry your baby is ill. Maybe you can ask the about giving him an appetite stimulant to get him back started eating? I hope your baby gets better.
  13. Stinky15

    Dangerous To Give Pills?

    I have been giving my cat a pill once every 3 days for over a year. I use "Pill Masker". After you wrap the pill ypu could dip it on water if you wanted but I don't. Never a problem except occasionally he spits it out. I use this technique but I don't wrap him: After a year he doesn't fight it...