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    Neighbourhood cats

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has advice for deterring the neighbourhood cats? As much as I love them all and have affectionately given each one a new name, at least one of them has started spraying my patio furniture and its sent one of my (indoor) cats into a bit of a spiral. Thank you :)
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    Kitten doesn't like eating wet food because it slides away from her?

    Could you try feeding her in a small bowl instead?
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    Need advice/help with difficult cat

    I built one on my upstairs deck for my cats! Attached to the bedroom window, we just took one of the screens out. So they can go in and outside whenever they want (provided the window is open - we close it at night to avoid bugs) and they both really love it! I have one cat who was acting like a...
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    Need advice/help with difficult cat

    Is it possible to build him a little catio attached to your house, so that he can come and go as he pleases but remain safe?
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    Long-term introductions

    I guess I'm just hoping to hear from someone with a similar situation! If anyone has any timid-cat-becoming-braver success stories I would love to hear them and how they achieved it!
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    Long-term introductions

    Yeah, we definitely try to draw her away but honestly once she gets focused on Coffee it's hard to distract her! She leaves her alone if she's on one of her "safe" perches, but aside from that it's like she's that annoying little sibling that just HAS to get as close as possible. And Coffee only...
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    Long-term introductions

    Hi all, I was hoping to hear from some people who have personally dealt with long-term cat intros of two cats that turned out to not be as compatible as you hoped. My first cat (Coffee, age 3, spayed) is quite shy and reserved, and just terrified of the new cat (Maui, 5 years old, spayed)...
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    Best slow-feeders?

    Looking for something to slow Maui down in eating for when she gets her kibbles. I was maybe considering one of the Cat-It products, like the tree or maze or digger? Or a treat ball of some kind (but not a hard plastic one as we have laminate and tile flooring and the sound would drive me crazy...
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    Cat peeing-help!!

    @dwidget the pee pads are a great idea. When we first adopted Maui she was 3 years old and acted the same way. She took to the pee pads immediately when trying to train her to go in her litter box! Like @FeebysOwner said, it's probably unlikely you'd get her trained to use a litter box...
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    Teenage kitty needs mouthwash

    You can also get dental-care specific food as well! The kibbles are larger, so as long as your cat isn't a hoover-vac then the crunching takes off excess plaque. I second this! And then the dental food to take off tartar before it forms and prolong the time between professional dental cleanings.
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    What is this darn thing? :p

    She could be part Manx, due to the short tail. They range anywhere in length from rumpy, rumpy riser, stumpy, and longy (very scientific I know). I think she would be classified as stumpy. I say "part" Manx because she doesn't look as round-faced as a typical Manx would be...
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    How to stop feeling guilty?

    Thank you so much :hearthrob:
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    How to stop feeling guilty?

    Hi @Meowmee! I actually just have the two cats. I know Maui needs some cat-discipline... I wish Coffee would just give her one good wallop over the head to show her that she isn't a toy! (I get their nails trimmed regularly, don't worry) :lol:
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    How to stop feeling guilty?

    Oh yes, Maui absolutely knows when she's done something wrong! I always yell no and try to grab her for a time out but she scurries under the bed because she knows it's coming :lol:
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    How to stop feeling guilty?

    I'm also finding that now that it's winter it's harder. We were making so much progress in the summer, due to the new catio and both cats' desires to be out there, they were putting up with each other! Now that it's winter and they aren't allowed out (and let's be honest, don't want to be) they...