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    Am I a monster for not wanting to operate?

    My understanding is that mammary cancer if caught early enough has treatment options, surgery is the primary treatment and that cats can live 3 years post surgery if its small enough when caught. According to the article below almost all mammary tumors are malignant. If it's malignant and it...
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    Tips For Living With A Blind Cat?

    Hi Alyssa and thx to @Columbine for the heads up. I work in professional rescue and yes i have my wonderful blind Jenny who is blind from birth. Basically I would apply all your org's normal adoption criteria to your blind cat and the future adopter with a few additional little adjustments. --...
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    Questions About Fip

    This is a great question, so little is understood about FIP that I think there are divided answers. I think vets are conservative and suggest waiting periods of various lengths. FIP appears to be generally contagious cat to cat, not environment to cat, however coronavirus (cold viruses) do...
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    Artie.....part 1

    Dear Cindy I am only just seeing this, I haven't been to TCS in quite a while. I feel your loss. I know how much Artie meant to you, in many ways he was the glue for so many of us on TCS. Loss and grief is so complex, and it is a process. I am thinking of you.
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    Confirmed FIP cases, what did you feed your cat before? What vaccines did you give it? (epidemiology

    I appreciate your hope that a good diet might prevent FIP but decades of study has yielded few clues to this terrible disease. We do know it's a virus, probably a mutation of the corona virus, and we know its contagious. This article summarizes what is known world-wide about FIP. FIP - Feline...
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    Chronic Diarrhea in our 6 month persian

    Is your cat receiving vet care and if yes, what are they trying?
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    Adopting A Kitten In A Developing Country.

    I read about your country, wow a tough place to live for many. The internet has failed me, i can find nothing. You might try the airport, i found references to pets being examined and if needed, referred to a local vet. Maybe customs and immigration knows some vets. Do you have a zoo, they...
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    Kitten Tested Positive For Felv: Help And Advice Needed

    Some kittens can fight it off and will re-test negative even though the original test was a valid positive result. Then of course the IFA test later on should prove definitive. Wishes you all good luck.
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    Emergency - Quick Breathing

    Hi, I'm very sorry. 80 breaths per minute indicates an emergency, and what you describe, including the limping indicates it might be a blot clot - in those cases euthanasia must be considered, or heart disease/congestive heart failure. For congestive heart failure the use of a diuretic, Lasix...
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    Recurrent Pancreatitis...prevention?

    Is he vomiting or in distress? My cat we were often able to control symptoms with therapies aimed at providing relief, cerenia for nausea, sub q fluids, pepic ac....
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    Stewart Is Losing Weight...

    If he lost a pound in a week, he's probably lost more before that. This should be considered very serious and a vet appointment is needed right now. It may be easy to correct depending on what it is, but regardless, the sooner its addressed is the key to helping him and keeping costs down.
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    Possible Lymphoma

    Hi You may want to start your own thread, you will get more replies that way. It sounds like you may be past the point of doing novel food, once there is weight loss things have become serious. Steroids like prednisolone are fairly well tolerated in cats, and if you don't get the illness into...
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    Cerenia was recently approved for use in cats even though its been used off label for quite some time, its close to a miracle drug. Injectable is good when your cat wont take pills or can't keep them down but its important to give the injection into a bolus of sub q fluids to prevent stinging...
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    My Kitty Has Chronic Diarrhea, Nothing Helps

    I agree with other posts about ruling out IBD which is a common cause of persistent diarrhea that doesn't respond to the treatments you've described. A Ultrasound if it shows thickened bowels is a very strong indicator for IBD. Prednisolone could be tried (before or after an U/S) and if the...
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    Corn based kitty litter and aflatoxin

    You might want to look at silica based crystals. Chemically inert, dust free, last a very long time.