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    Sick kitten after neutering

    Keep an eye on him and if he doesn't perk up tomorrow, call the vet.
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    My cat keeps licking his back and feet

    Have you changed litter brands recently? He could be allergic to the new litter.
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    Sick kitten after neutering

    You are right to be concerned. Vomiting 2 days after neutering is not normal. I would keep an eye on him. If he continues vomiting or stops eating or using the box or he's extremely lethargic, get him back to the vet. He could've picked up a little upper respiratory infection from the stress of...
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    Distemper shot for senior cats and dental appointment

    Ask the vet to do a titer to see if they still have antibodies. If they have antibodies, they don't need the shot.
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    How long do I keep my girls separated for?

    Since it's been 24 hours and they shouldn't have any lingering effects from the anesthesia, I'd go ahead and let them loose. Cats are very good at self-limiting. Just keep an eye on the incisions for any redness, swelling, or weeping from the incision. I usually only keep mine confined overnight...
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    Cat is breathing audibly

    Is it worse when the seasons change? It could be seasonal allergies. We gave our allergy girl a daily antihistamine which helped some. You could also try saline nose drops, but you could also be dealing with nasal polyps or something like that.
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    For people whose cats have asthma...

    We have 2 asthmatic kitties. Their asthma is both triggered by seasonal allergies and seasonal changes. They both have minor cases and don't require daily nebulizer treatments and medication. In the past, we have gotten a prednisolone shot, but the vet didn't want to give it to Daisy this year...
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    Need advice about my injured cat

    I would leave it alone and keep her confined to a large wire crate if you have one. I would get her to the vet ASAP tomorrow and have it checked out.
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    Suggestions for overly curious kitten?

    You can also used canned air. A squirt when the door it opened will teach her not to go there. There's a product called Sssscat! That has sensors and will squirt air when the sensor is tripped.
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    Breathing Difficulties

    Use saline drops, but it's hard to get in the nose.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    We have used ComfortZone multicat after Feliway multicat became ineffective. We also used Peacemaker drops from Spirit Essences. They may have a different drop that can help with your situation. You can contact them on their website.
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    Trouble dealing.

    It's so hard when our babies get older and their health starts failing. Sometimes it's very overwhelming. What I have done is create a routine with feeding and meds. To help with constipation, I add plain canned pumpkin to wet food as well as add water to the wet food mixture to keep things...
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    Breathing Difficulties

    You might have to syringe feed her. Try offering wet food with a mix of plain meat baby food. Warm it with some warm water to enhance the aroma. You could also try plain saline drops in her nose to clear some of the congestion. Also, you can steam her in the bathroom. Turn the shower on as hot...
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    Breathing Difficulties

    Did they do an x-ray to check for asthma? It sounds like she might have an upper respiratory infection since she has mucus coming from her eyes. Are allergies severe where you live? Sometimes excessive post nasal drainage can cause the hoarse meow and coughing, just like in humans.
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    Herpes Virus

    I had a kitty with FHV. She was diagnosed at age 2 and she passed away earlier this year at age 15. This is what we did for her: -grain free mostly wet diet -powdered lysine (human grade) mixed into wet food with a bit of water added -daily anthistamine (generic claritin, 1/4 -1/2 tablet daily...