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    What Breed is my Pasa???

    What did her momma died from? An accident, or some disease? If disease, you must perhaps take some extra care... @Catspy
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    Always hungry!

    Yes, they are both growing and moving intensively a lot... That said; the amount depends a little on what food they get. You write wet food, and wet food is usually of very good quality, even the cheaper brands. But still be sure its no low fat diet variation... Kitten food should be more...
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    Is my furbaby going to give birth?

    I would guess she has at this moment Braxton Hicks contractions, and this is why she hides... These come about one week before delivery; its a way of Nature to train up the muscles used in delivery labor... Most cats do drop shortly beforre the delivery; ie suddenly seems less pregnant, and...
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    Calico Girls.. breed resemblance?

    Correct, the statistics arent ironclad. The most probable is father was a longhaired grey, but its not sure. There is fully possible he was just a carrier of these genes, as momma is...
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    Please help me identify my (late) girl

    Was she visibly biggish? Bigger than most male cats? If so, she probably had in her some of the big bones breeds; norwegian or possibly MCO. If not, we will call her for a domestic long hair.... The great majority of all cats are domestic, without having any near connection with a...
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    Here is my new baby!

    She is a domestic. Body not visible, but if her tail is bushy, so she will be counted as longhair. Otherwise shorthair. She is a diluted (blue) tabby. We dont see the body clearly, so its impossible to know her pattern. The white on chin and around eyes is not true white spots, these...
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    Calico Girls.. breed resemblance?

    Ouch, I notice I forget to say in clear, mamma carries both the recessive genes for longhair and for dilute... She herself isnt longhair nor is diluted; but it help her children to be such; combined with the same recessive genes from daddy. The shorthaired / non diluted siblings, do probably...
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    Please help me with Penelope.

    I think the vet gave you a good advice. In fact, we usually give the same advice. As long she seems ok, dont rush... The waiting may be difficult for your nerves and your nails, but such is life... :) Of course, once every century there happens complications because you waited too long...
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    Calico Girls.. breed resemblance?

    Momma seems to be a shorthair red white black tortie? And half childs are longhaired and or grey? OK, that gives; Daddy is probably longhair and grey. So he has both the longhair gene and the dilutation gene... (grey is diluted black, its black gene with added dilutation gene doubled...
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    What breed is my cat

    Bullseye tabby; more common called for classic tabby. Probably a domestic.
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    Momma cat rejecting only living kitten?

    So when you weight, does the kitten adds? How much per day? Sometimes its not easy to see if a suckling kitten gets anything; so weighting them (in the beginning perhaps even every 12 hours) is the easiest way to notice if they DO get mommas milk, or not... 10+ grammes a day is good, if its...
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    What kind of kitten?

    Right, dsh, tortie + tabby, what is called for torbie. So a black red torbie, not diluted. Probably no true white spots. the white spots on face are sooner typical for tabbies. She she seems to be shorthair; her tail isnt bushy at all; its the usual dsh tail. But she has lotsa of kitten...
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    Another hair type post

    Try perhaps some Ukrainian name... There are many worthy persons and animals there... Soldiers and rescuers. Well worthy to be named after and be proud of this... But NOT Wolodymyr Zelenskij... It could be misunderstood. His tail is bushy. So its immediately visible he is a longhair. (or...
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    Impatient mumma 70days

    "the waiting game" isnt fun for anybody, even if we try to joke about it. Usually (not always) the do drop a day or two before delivery; ie suddenly seems less obviously pregnant...