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    Featured 4th of July and cats

    Spooky is already scared their setting off fireworks here so thank god for sounds I can play loud on my tv I feel so bad
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    Post Your Recipes! (with Pics!)

    Can you use human grade fish oil capsules
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    Grinds and supplements

    Wow so many choices to feed my cat
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    How Important Are Eggs Yolks?

    Would it be ok to give spooky egg yoke substitute So I don't have to separate the egg whites
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    How to get a cat to like the leash?

    i tried with spooky and I ended up with her claw in my arm bleeding through my shirt and a huge bruise she's never forgiven me for putting a leash on her
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    They met

    But I wanna know is that Sammy Is getting attacked should I keep her away until cookie gets along with spooky and it's not helping spooky is seeing her big sister Sammy jumping over the barricade now she wants to try
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    They met

    Right now I have like something blocking the way of my door so I can keep my door open and cookies mom is not happy about this but it needs to happen She's like your cat never comes out of your room Will now she's gonna I'm gonna try to get her out my room but when she's out in the living...
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    They met

    Cookie (new cat) vs spooky cookie is hissing at spooky. But their is no fighting I'm supervising this meeting but how long does this go on cookie follows spooky around hissing at her should I bring spooky back into her room I need some tips I just don't want her to be scared of cookie and...
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    Yes please keep me updated
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    The problem is I'm gonna have to look into a timed feeder for her when we go back to work what brand do you guys recommend
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    So sometimes she eats it all sometimes she doesn't and this is the scoop we use
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    I feed her 2 times a day and sometimes I break down if she's bothering me to eat I give her a like a tiny bit of dry food
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    I feel her just a scoop of food at night And it's at like 9 pm around the time I go to bed and I only feed her 2 times a day and should I give her w The whole can of wet food or half be use I've been giving her half when I can buy it
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    How to put a cat on a diet

    Spooky has gotten to be a chonker she feels the need to slap me in the face with her tail at 3am until I feed her how can I combat this habit and I've been trying not to feed her a lot I feed her a scoop of food sometimes I mix it with wet food is that bad
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    Does anyone cats do this

    Shes eating pate right now shes spoiled