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    Any tips for brushing bottom molars?

    @rosegold Mouth Bacteria may vary from cat to cat. I got DTP and rabia vaccines and I keep one bottle of Betadine and one pill of Augumentin at hand.
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    Any tips for brushing bottom molars?

    In the eyes of a cat, forcefully opening his mouth is a blasphemy. I won't play this game, unless wearing gloves. Bear in mind that bacteria from a cat bite can send you to ER in no time. Such bite is life threatening, not a joke. Infection advances very rapidly and in 12 hours rises from a...
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    15 year old cat not responding to chemo- when to stop diagnostics

    Could you go for a second opinion? MRI is very sophisticate, it requires high skill to interpret correctly, and mistakes are always possible. Could you ask (diplomatically) for an alternative investigation? Sometimes doctors jump to rapidly into imagistics, while old classical methods of...
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    Formalities to bring a cat in Ukraine from EU?

    Thank you @lutece ! Very useful!
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    Not your typical kitty

    Cats have memories exactly like humans. If a kitty experienced bad treatment, she will never completely forget. We do the same. Human brain can "encapsulate" negative memories (they never disappear, but kept in a latent form). Not sure about cat's brain defence in similar cases. There are some...
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    Formalities to bring a cat in Ukraine from EU?

    Not sure where to post this. Is anyone aware about formalities to cross the Ukrainian border with a cat (by car)? My search on the internet returns inconclusive results. Apparently, the only official info is in Ukraine, but I do not know the language :-(. Thank you very much! Really...
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    Loaf and Flat to the ground positions meaning?

    Thank you @ArtNJ !
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    Loaf and Flat to the ground positions meaning?

    Thank you all! I will schedule a vet visit next week to double check. The bloodwork one month ago indicated "cat who does not drink sufficiently" but vet was not worried much. From your answers, clearly, the behavior alone cant tell much about health status or depression (if it might be the case).
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    Kitten "cry" meows while I wash dishes

    My 4-years cat walks in the kitchen, meows and climbs furniture when I pick a plastic bag. That is because the bags makes a pretty similar noise to the wet food bags. We let a chair just for the cat to sit and watch us cooking. I suppose he loves the variety of smells. :-).
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    Loaf and Flat to the ground positions meaning?

    My 4 years old tomcat (integer) used to be a moderately active cat to the moment vet discovered he suffers from gastritis (frequent vomiting and pee outside the box). Gastritis was successfully cured (very rare vomiting - once in three months and pee in the box). I replaced the supermarket wet...
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    Wait for us at the Rainbow Bridge, my baby Lit

    Baby Lit got a time of peace and a mountain of Love. Baby Lit the Cat will be forever present in Your life, as memories last for ever, My heart goes with You and my respect goes with your Soul full of compassion.
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    Goodbye sweet Eva...

    Cats are so fragile! Despite the common thinking to cats as "ultimate survivors" that is only true for the Wilderness. Time to time, some Souls like You do a big big Good to cats - they care little fluffy Raptors to the time they get their wings. A big Soul experiences big regrets, no doubt...
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    You will be missed, Miss Grumpy the condo's cat

    Miss Grumpy had a home in your heart. Most likely she had an long term underlying condition. Miss Grumpy is not licking her wings, and she remember You, the same as you remember Her. My heart goes with you,
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    Lucy has gone

    Year ago, my Grandfather told me cats can live maximum 4 years. In the Wild, the life of felines is short. But the duration is something that we shouldn't care much. Imagine one could choose to either live 100 years alone or 1 year together with his/her beloved. Love matters and Love lasts...
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    Losing my beloved feral cat

    When we do not know - we do not know and full stop. Assuming - it goes nowhere. === Cats do roam. I could find only a couple of studies about cats roaming. Some anecdotal evidence is half mile (600 m or so), but in a study they measured 2 miles per night! Roaming is a natural behavior, cant...