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    Christmas without my Bud, Dante

    This year Winter Solstice is on 22nd of December. The Solar events are universal, animal world included. Why not celebrate it in memory of all Beings who marked your life, no longer on Earth? We all are what we are because many Creatures loved us - some we did not notice, some we remember...
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    Please advise. My Puma (RIP March 2018) returned in a dream still sick

    All Creatures return to the Realm they belong to. All meet the pain first time when they open their eyes on Earth. And we all long for returning home. What is home? Home is an warm and peaceful place. For everyone there is a home and all homes are different, because we all are different. I...
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    Painfully crossed the bridge

    This is the story about a tiny cat, a willow and a Dragon. One upon a time, there was no cat on Earth. It was tigers, panthers and all other big scary felines. But no cat at all. Needless to say that was a very boring world, I am right? So the Wise Man rested beneath of an Willow and was...
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    Meela's dad died suddenly and I am so heart-broken

    I am very sorry for your loss. You are a very nice person, to care cats so much! Tears and tuna for Meeka the Cat! +++ Returning to practical aspects (whatever difficult may be) : - difficult to spot the cause, I agree; but checking for poisonous plants around does not harm anyway (keep in mind...
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    People are jerks!

    I know, @Johnv713. So I wish I dont :-(. An easy alternative would be to run away. Unfortunately we have to cohabitate this kind of people - to do so we have to be smarter than them. :-).
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    People are jerks!

    In my area there is plenty of incompetent and aggressive teachers, so I had to get train myself into the noble Art of Diplomacy :-). Some ideas (not know whether they work for your area to): a) Always do some "small talk", whenever possible, with the ones you have to discuss deeper subjects...
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    Is Butter Bad for Cats ?

    Old thread, but I think is better to revive this one than to start another one about the (pretty) same thing. My cat loves butter. He also likes olive oil! From what I read, fats are needed to trigger thirst reflex (I read some scientific studies, but sadly I did not save them). The "common"...
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    Rocket has passed

    Once upon a time a cat find herself alone in the Large Dark Forest, there was no other cat around and hunting was soooo dificult! The cat was alone but she did not remember how she get there, and her Mama was only a memory of the taste of milk and warm fur and whiskers tickling her tummy time by...
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    The holidays are tough

    Wonderful things have been said by forum mates, on the Love side. Head bow for your Cat and my respect for You and all people posting here! +++ Allow me to turn to some (humble) practical ideas then: a)Have a friend to drastically re-decorate the rooms (everything except painting and...
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    Help me solve the mystery of dissapearing cats. Any pet detective on board?

    In my country there is no coyotes, but there are foxes in same places. Strange enough, I could not find any way to prevent foxes to predate on kitten, but by chance I came across some ideas about protecting cats against coyotes. I have no idea about how effective they are, but my logic says...
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    Is it ever too late to cremate?

    Alkaline hydrolysis (google it) is the non-heat alternative to cremation. In some parts of the world is not legal, in some they just dont care. Check before proceeding. Can be cheaper and easier. In conventional cremation (heat based) some bones are difficult to burn (I pass the details)...
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    Is it ever too late to cremate?

    I dont have any experience of that sort. But it just happened a crime in my country that triggered a lot of interest in cremation. My 2 cents: let the time do its job and eventually you will only have to take care of the bones next summer. Not sure though it is sufficient time for this. There...
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    Meows ALL the time

    I found none. :-) My integer 3 years old tomcat performs daily 2-3 shows of 2-5 minutes meowing. It looks to me that there is something outside the room that triggers this behavior- although I am not sure. He is very talkative anyway, meowing to all humans in the house for a huge set of various...
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    Did I do the wrong thing? (caution: mention of taxidermy)

    a) We all keep memories of our missing beloved. Simply put, memories are pictures, images. b) Almost all religions have representations of the Divine Characters of one sort or another. c) We all store photos of our friends, parents - some of them are no longer with us. Therefore, what is the...
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    Another great sign from my cat melody

    We Humans, remember our missing beloved. They come and leave but we always remember, Remembering is an wonderful Gift. Imagine our life without memories - and for some unfortunate persons that life without memories is not poetry, but cruel reality. So smile to memories and carry on with Love.