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    Any information on norwegian forest cats?

    They make very good indoor cats and they do well with other cats. Don't know anything about the grooming though. The NFC isn't a huge cat. It's said the males can weigh as much as 10 kg but that's unusal. I'd say the most common is females between 4 and 6 kg and males between 5 and 8 kg.
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    minimum adopting age (governing body rules)

    Yep, you're not allowed to separate kittens from their mother or siblings before the age of 12 weeks. Since this is a relatively new law it probably isn't known to all Swedes yet so we that do know of it simply have to inform, inform and inform.
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    How to describe this color?

    Hard to tell by that pic only but I'd guess she's a dilute tortie with white spotting.
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    Is it inbreed?

    It's not only the degree of inbreeding that matters: are the individuals you double up to standard, are they healthy, are/we're they good breeding cats etc. I'd advice you to do some studying on the breed and genetics and when you have gathered some knowledge you know what choices you'll be...
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    Breeder selling a HCM pos Sphynx

    Well, the sick ones need homes to. A cattery might not be the best home for a cat with a heart condition. The breeder is being honest about the condition, but the prospective buyer of course need to read up on the condition and on the treatment before deciding to offer this cat a new home or not.
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    Does it make you mad when..

    That's what I thought and myopathy doesn't affect the heart.
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    Does it make you mad when..

    If it's HCM you're talking about, don't blame the problems in the Sphynx breed on outcrossing with Devon Rex. HCM exists in all breeds and in moggies. In Sweden the frequency of HCM is appr. 4% in the Devon Rex, which is below normal! What the Sphynx has gotten from the Devon Rex is a muscle...
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    Does it make you mad when..

    In Australia? I've seen lots of registred Australian Devon outcrosses. Maybe it's like the rules within FIFÃ169, there are no officially allowed outcrosses but you can have an outcross program approved by your association?
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    Does it make you mad when..

    I wanna add genetic variation to the gene pool and get a stronger profile in my Devons, that's why. British Shorthair is an approved outcrossing breed for the Devon Rex within both TICA and the GCCF.
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    Does it make you mad when..

    And that's of course a problem if serious breeding per se is fought and eventually eliminated. Luckily we don't have that kind of direction on the animal protection laws here.
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    Does it make you mad when..

    Stupid legislation is always stupid no matter the social system. I get the point, of course we have to think ahead when propagating new laws and such. Personally I'm not against all non-purebred breeding (horror, horror, my youngest queen is hopefully pregnant with a British Shorthair... she's...
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    Bathing short haired cats before a show

    If need be I bathe them appr. 4 days before a show. I breed Devon Rexes and if I bathe them the day before the show, their curls won't have time to develop (the more you pet a devon, the better the coat ). Since I usually keep my cats in top condition I don't always have to do anything before...
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    Does it make you mad when..

    I read and I couldn't help myself from smiling. Living in a social democratic country with strict animal protection laws... I quite like it.
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    Does it make you mad when..

    What makes me mad is irresponsible breeding no matter if breeds are mixed or not. I try to educate people so they don't buy kittens from such breeders. If no one's buying the kittens at least most of the breeders have to stop.
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    Biggest Hybrid/Exotic?

    In biological terms a hybrid is a mix between species, not between breeds.