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    Sunday's Question of the Day 12/15

    Happy Sunday . If you could change careers easily, what would you choose to do?
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    Windows 8...

    Windows 8 is the most user-UNFRIENDY program you could possibly imagine. I despise it. You have to be a rocket scientist to figure out simple things like logging off! I can't say enough bad things about
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    Do you buy your cats Christmas presents?

    I think you're fine. I've been known to WRAP presents for the kitties .
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    I would call other vets to check their prices. Mine said they would charge $7 dollars to clip nails. If you wait until your kitten is asleep you might be able to clip them a lot easier. That's how I started when mine were young and they are easy to clip now. Good luck .
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    Sunday's question of the day 12/8

    Happy Sunday . We're having the first snow of the season here in Pennsylvania. It looks beautiful. Does it snow where you live? Do you like the snow?
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    Hound and Gatos cited as a choice by several..which ones are delicious to the kitty set

    My cats are eating the rabbit and they love it. It looks like a good allergy food too, because of the limited amount of ingredients. Hounds and Gatos just got voted as one of the most trusted pet food companies. I think I also read that it is one of the few canned foods without BPA. No...
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    Sunday's question of the day 12-1

    Happy Sunday .  Do you buy your cats Christmas presents? Last year mine got a new cat tree.
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    Any reviews on "I luv my cat"?

    Hi t-boy. Three pound kittens should eat as much as they want. Literally. The guides on the can are just ideas for feeding cats who are already grown.  Kittens should eat until they are full. It you want to make sure you are dividing the can equally, portion it out with a measuring spoon. Do...
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    Sunday's question of the day 11/24

    Happy Sunday . Do you cook for Thanksgiving? What is your favorite holiday dish? I usually cook, but this year we are going out to a restaurant. My favorite Thanksgiving dish is stuffing with gravy.
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    cat ate plastic bag

    My cat did the same thing about a year ago and he is fine. Now that you know he likes bags make sure they are always out of his reach. Some cats just can't resist plastic bags. You could give him a little Laxatone or a little dab of butter to help him pass any little bits that might be left. Of...
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    2013/14 How many cats do you have and how many is your limit

    I have two and I think that's just right for me.
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    Monday's Question of the Day

    A country farmhouse with a porch.
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    Going through a lot right now...miss it on here

    Thanks for all your nice replies. Cat people are the best . I'm looking into finishing my teaching degree. It looks like only a few credits will count though, after 17 years. Have any of you gone back to college after almost 20 years? Did they put your old credits towards your degree or did you...
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    Question of the Day Saturday Nov 16

    Tunisia was sweltering hot. I live in Pennsylvania and I remember when I was little it was  - 4 degrees one day.