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    Sick Kitten in litter of 3

    Your priority was to get that little Mumma cat off the street & desexed. ASAP. They can become pregnant 48 hrs AFTER DELIVERING KITTENS. You say the Mum cat "Walked by your house & noticed her kittens were all grown up and went on her way" - NO. A mother cat will FORGET her kittens...
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    Some advice for this wounded feral

    For some reason I have envisaged you as a lady. Until you mentioned the things you have in common with this little man. Now I don't know if other TCS posters might agree - I would be happy to hear their opinions on this:- a lot of men do not like cats, and will often be VERY UNKIND to them...
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    From Feral To Lap Cats

    What is the pumpkin used for? Maybe I came late and have not read earlier posts. Interested to know about cooked pumpkin. Thank You. VP
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    Some advice for this wounded feral

    Bless you for taking this poor boy in and trying so hard to give him the care he needs & love. Being patient is the most important aspect when dealing with a little cat that has been through some tough times. I started feeding a little stray bloke a few years ago - he used to scamper up the...