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    Is there something wrong with my cat's eye?

    Hey guys, I noticed earlier that there's something weird with my cat's eye. I can't tell what it is, but it looks kind of like his inner eyelid is showing, or something? Is this something I should be worrying about? I've never noticed it happen before, and he's been acting completely normal up...
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    Cat scratching til he draws blood?

    Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll be sure to try that 😊
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    Cat scratching til he draws blood?

    Edit: :doh: i might be a bit of an idiot, and this is probably just a false alarm. I didn't pay much mind to it at the time, but when I first noticed the scratch, it was just above where his (new) collar sat, so my obvious answer is that the collar is probably just itchy. I've taken it off now...
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    Cat scratching til he draws blood?

    Hey guys, I was petting my cat earlier and I noticed this scratch on the side of his neck, and it worried me. Every once in a while I notice him scratching there, but I didn't know it was this bad. Is it something to be worried about? Is there anything I can do to help him? Also, before anyone...
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    Rayleigh enjoying the sun on this fine caturday ❤
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    Occasional head tremors in senior cat

    I don't think it's a side effect of the medication, it's been happening since before he started taking the meds. He's currently on one 1mg budesonide tablet per day and i've already been keeping an eye out for the side common side effects for that
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    Occasional head tremors in senior cat

    Hi thanks SO much for the response, that actually does make me feel a lot better, lol. Just that other people have been through this and have been told that it's not too big of a deal. Obviously I know it could still be a warning sign so I'll be keeping a closer eye on Rayleigh to make sure...
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    Need help with dewormer

    From what I'm understanding, it looks like it means just one tablet. When my cat got dewormed at the vet they gave him only one and that was enough.
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    Occasional head tremors in senior cat

    Hey guys, so this is something that's been worrying me for a while, but no matter what I google, I can't really find any info on it. My boy Rayleigh occasionally has these little head tremors that last for like a second, sometimes not even that long. Other than that, he's normal - he's eating...
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    Cats In Boxes!

    Mr Rayleigh says that no, he is nit in need of duct cleaning right now and he would appreciate if you didn't trample all over his lawn, he just planted those petunias
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    Do cats have nightmares?

    Sorry, I'm not sure if this question should go in here or in the Cat Health section, but my boy Rayleigh was just sleeping peacefully on his cat bed next to me, and had been for about an hour or two. Then, out of nowhere, I noticed his face twitching a little bit, and out of nowhere, he just...
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    How can you tell when your cat is relaxed?--Post your pictures here

    Rayleigh's enjoying his caturday with some sunbathing! Look at this sweet sleeby boy
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    People with rescue kitties: are you still in contact with their fosters?

    So I'm just curious, for people who've adopted their kitties from shelters or rescues, do yiu keep in touch with your cat's foster (if they had one)? For me, we follow each other on insta and text once in a while. Sometimes she asks me how he's been if we haven't talked in a while and it's...
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    Post pictures of your precious Blue / Gray / Maltese cats here!

    My handsome boy, Rayleigh! He's quite a distinguished gentleman ❤
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    Post Your Outdoors Shots Of Your Cats/dogs/etc.

    Rayleigh's an indoor cat who's still a bit nervous about the wide world outside. The sound of traffic still startles him and trucks especially still send him zooming back into the house, but every day he's spending a little more time getting to know our backyard better! Hopefully soon he'll be...