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    The World From Your Cat's Point Of View

    You mean what's in their mind when for instance: Ziggy will join me in bed, use my head as a playground while trying to get a bite of my nose in between or when Sheera despite having tons of toys will hunt the scotch brite scrub all over the house instead or go after the window squidgy or Amy...
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    Rip My Beautiful Baby Bear<3

    I'd be banned for good from this site if l told you what l have in mind for these monsters on wheels...
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    Rip My Beautiful Baby Bear<3

    "Decency to stop"??????? We have been through this tragedy several times and l never had anyone stopping to at least look or not to mention - apologize....
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    Question Of The Day - Thursday 23 Nov

    Beautiful photo!! And l wish l could embrace that motto of yours;)
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    Question Of The Day - Thursday 23 Nov

    We'd love to keep a horse and a couple of labradors but no, we must content with about 26 cats:yess::banana1::yess:
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    Rip My Beautiful Baby Bear<3

    I am so sorry for your beautiful cat and your loss of course. I think l know how you must be feeling as we have lost our 5 months old EESE to some monster on wheels only a few days ago and are still devastated. I feel with you and wish l had the right words to make the pain and sadness easier on...
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    Revolution Vs. Frontline - Opinions Wanted.

    Unfortunately neither Advantage nor Revolution nor Frontline respectively Frontline Plus that l just tried are doing the job anymore!! Those disgusting bloodsuckers have become immune to all of them!!!! And since we have a garden strays frequent for food the fumigator l spoke to said it made...
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    Nail Trimming...nothing Works

    May l most respectfully inquire why you are all so keen on trimming their claws??? Why is it a must?
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    Urinating Outside Box While In Box

    Have you tried talking to her:):):) Only joking... l know it's not exactly a pleasant business but we have several cats and they each have their own "method" of using the facilities and that's what their humans are here for - to clean after them among other things:) From experience l can say...
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    I Am Thankful For...

    Yeah, well... my husband's neck will kill him and my sciatica will drive me nuts but we hang in there with our backsides half in the air lest we should disturb the little darlings....
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    Losing One Of Our Kittens To A Reckless Driver

    Thank you Raysmyheart! Ise's buddy, Ziggy, is here with me while l write ... He was left at our door when he was maybe 3 weeks old and he's the first l ever bottle fed. With our wonderful vet's help l think l did quite a good job - he's beautiful and l love him to pieces. Emma is also keeping me...
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    I Am Thankful For...

    You're all right, I wasn't dead serious when posting my comment... l even added a smile but that didn't show. I love it when they come under the covers and we can have those pillow purrrrrsssss. Or you should see my husband "all covered" in cats when he stretches out in the evening to watch a...
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    I Am Thankful For...

    Well, you know you're a nobody until you've been ignored by a cat... so based on that l'd say they're rather more pleased with themselves - when we perform as expected - for having drilled us so well than thankful for our attention...
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    Comment by 'Sirmuffins' in article 'How Much Time Does It Take To Care For A Cat?'

    ...I might be nuts but l've been sitting on this kitchen chair for the last 40 minutes (at least) not wanting to disturb Goldie who's napping on my lap so peacefully and we have a whole bunch of the kind expecting us to respond accordingly... We're not the youngest anymore and yes, it does turn...