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    Last ditch effort to save the sweetest ex-feral cat (won't use litter boxes)

    Have you tried Dr. Elsey's Litter Attract? It has special herbs that lure cats to the litter box. Does she usually pee/poop in the same spots? Can you add a few more litter boxes in those areas? How are you cleaning the areas where she pees/poops? Cats have a great sense of smell and will...
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    Fleas question

    Revolution goes right to work so it is possible to find dead fleas on her and in her bedding. I would thoroughly shake out the towel and then wash it in hot water. Do you have a flea comb that you could comb through her and help get the dead ones off?
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    How to repel Racoons? but not my cat?

    The only way to keep raccoons away is to pick up the food before dusk. Once the raccoons find a source of food they are impossible to get to leave. I put my feral boys on a feeding schedule. They were fed first thing in the morning and then all bowls except water were picked up for the day...
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    Feral in my garage

    I like to make a trail of food. I will use puppy pee pads or newspaper. Put a small amount of something extra stinky ( tuna in oil is a good choice). Even dribbling some of the oil onto the newspaper is good. I usually just put a tiny tiny amount of tuna and make a trail all the way back to...
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    Don’t know what to do with feral

    If you can contain the cat in a room, you can ask the vet for gabapentin. It makes the cats kind of drunk acting. It is the only way I can get a few of my now inside ferals to the vet. The vet needs to prescribe it. I like to give one tablet (hidden in a piece of cheese) the night before and...
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    Feral cat has not come back

    Yes, this can be very common. I have had feral cats that return the same day, weeks later and even many months later. I had one gone for 8 months. He came back and never left again. Just keep leaving food out. Do you have a trail camera or wireless ip cam that you could use to see if he is...
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    Feral in my garage

    It is a very nerve wracking experience, but so very worth it in the end. Just keep watching videos. I used to practice with the equipment to familiarize myself with it. I am thinking about you and hoping it all works out well. Keep us posted.
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    Feral in my garage

    @Bitsy's Mom How are things going? Hoping all is well.
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    My poor feral is sick..

    If it were me, I wouldn't let him out of the trap and I would take him to another vet. It could be a tooth issue. Also did they check for FIV and FELV? I would want to know about that too. If you let him out of the trap, it will be very very difficult to retrap. Keep him inside and try...
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    Urgent blocked male cat dilemma, please help

    It is very very unusual for a cat to block again. My cat had some difficult circumstances that led to him blocking again. The new urethral opening was working just fine. My boy was having spasms and then there was lots of inflammation. The original blockage is because of the too narrow...
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    Urgent blocked male cat dilemma, please help

    I have a cat who had urinary blockages and ended up with PU surgery. After 2 years he blocked again. I was sure that was going to be his end. Yet with medication and herbal supplements we have him under control again. Water, water, water is your friend. My boy does not drink much water...
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    Feral, semi-feral or stray. And how to re trap a cat for the vets

    I have needed to take semi feral cats to the vet too. It is so hard to get them into the carrier when you cannot fully handle them. I have asked the vet for gabapentin in 100 mg. It will make the cat woozy ( not sedated) and much easier to handle. The key is that the cat needs to be inside...
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    Should we take the Stray/Feral Cat when we move

    Any new updates? I hope all is going well with Bandit.
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    Feral in my garage

    I am thinking about you and hoping for the best. Just remember it is not unusual for a cat to not eat at first. Be sure to have lots of yummy stinky food on hand. I always have tuna in oil, turkey or chicken baby food (Gerber stage 1 in the glass jar) and plain cooked chicken. It can take a...
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    moving soon and need help getting stray clean/adjusted to indoor life.

    Thank you for wanting to help this sweet kitty. If you can coax her into a carrier, the first step should be a vet visit. You will want to have her treated for fleas and other parasites, but most importantly you want her spayed ASAP before she has any more kittens. If possible give her a...