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    Nature's Way

    Mother Nature at her finest!
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    Asking for good old board magic

    Sending lots of healing prayers to Racer and comforting thoughts to you!
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    How long does it take???

    40 to 50 minutes is standard now where I'm at. They changed the 30 minutes or less because of the liability involved - speeding.
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    My Mother in law is in the hospital again.

    Sending lots of healing vibes to your MIL and your family.
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    A Note to ALL from Anne

    Sending all the wait baby vibes/energy/prayers I can muster. Please wait little one and stay in your mommy's womb where it is safe.
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    Pictures That Don't Make The Evening News

    Absolutely breathtaking
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    Hope this helps Anne. People eat biscuits plain or with butter, jam, gravy, well just about anything really Over the past couple of years, people have started to make flavored biscuits like garlic.
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    Saved a cat from a house fire yesterday

    I'm so glad you were able to save that poor kitty and I'm terribly sad about the others. Losing my pets to a fire is one of my biggest fears and it nearly happened once when I was living at an apartment complex. Being that you are a firefighter, are there any tips you would mind mentioning...
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    Pics of Gizmo...the neighborhood sweetheart!

    Sending "Find Gizmo a Good Furever Home" vibes your way. I just can't fathom how someone would declaw but not neuter him?!?! Hissy is right, poor Tomcat. Being outside is not a safe option for him; he has the urge to be a "Tomcat" but no claws to back it up You may want to try and call the...
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    I am supremely worried about Traveler

    I'm glad it's probably just an insect allergy but I'll still sending good healing energy to you and Trav
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    Hot Damn!

    Yep! We keep ours set at 77/78 and that's with the ceiling fans running. Do you guys at least cool off at night? Our lows have been around 80/81, the norm is around 76/77.
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    Hot Damn!

    Our lovely balmy high for the day is 100 with a heat index of 110-112. We are under a heat advisory. Our airconditioner broke the other day, it is now fixed thank goodness, and our house was a lovely 88 inside.
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    Hot Weather Question

    Well, right now we are under a heat advisory. Today the high is supposed to be 98-100 Degrees F. with a heat index of 110 (we have a heat index because of high humidity, (I thank the Gulf of Mexico for that one) it makes the heat so much worse. Everything keeps on running full-steam but our...
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    Is anyone looking at Mars at night?

    Houston has such bad "City Lights" you can barely see a couple of stars.
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    Happy Birthday Heidi (valanhb)

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!