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    Rest in peace Simba

    I'm so very sorry for your loss, he was so young. It is such a hard thing to do, and the moment that they give them the shot is an awful moment.  I had to put my sweet girl to sleep a lost 3 weeks ago, it is like someone sticking a knife in your heart. I am still filled with grief, i think of...
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    older cat, back legs going out

    I'm so glad that I read this! one of my semi-ferals has started losing fur in spots around his head and neck. I didn't know what it could be, since it didn't look like ringworm. I'll check into this. He has beautiful long black fur and I hate that it looks so bad on his neck.
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    my girl went completely blind last night, how do I best help her?

    I moved the chair and put her bed on the floor and she jumped up on the bed anyhow.  So I just put it all back and let her sleep where she always does.  I don't think I slept much, but while I did she seemed to get along fine.  I closed the bedroom door so she couldn't go out, and I think she...
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    my girl went completely blind last night, how do I best help her?

    She normally spends very little time on the floor - her bed is on a chair beside my bed, or she sits in the window perch. Right now she isn't navigating very well, and if I don't watch her constantly she'll walk right off the bed. I know I should put her on the floor but it is so drafty there...
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    Adopted a third cat, existing cats not pleased.

    I'm new to the board but not to cats. I think you're doing a great job getting them introduced. I've had to do introductions much worse than that, and it was very hard. But on the note of Petey not eating, one of my cats got very ill last fall with the Calici virus. She had only eaten once in...
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    Bitter cold - to bring my two boys inside or not

    I can relate to you guys! I've been feeding and befriending a feral male for a year now. Last winter we couldn't get anywhere near him so all wee could do was feed him and hope for the best. Once the weather got better I started sitting outside near him while he ate and after months and...
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    Cat suddenly walking "drunk", falling, vet says probably neurological

    Thanks for asking, she is doing much better. She is walking just fine, jumping everywhere. Her sight seems to be working for some things. She sees large movements, and can find her way around new objects in her path. But if I move my finger close to her eye there is no response. Odd, but as...
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    Cat suddenly walking "drunk", falling, vet says probably neurological

    Yes, the perch came back. She is navigating very well today, but she hasn't done a lot. She's staying in bed. It is so weird that she can't see anymore and the whole thing is making me so sad. I just want to stay home and lay in bed beside my girl.