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    Taken care of, but wanting to know...

    well I didn't use any of that stuff to get rid of it.. I just put triple antibiotic cream on it.. hmph.
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    Happy Birthday, cheylink (10/12)

    happpppppppppy birfday
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    Taken care of, but wanting to know...

    What this is! ignore my dumb face, but look at the puppies stomach.. That was there when we got him, it's totally gone now, but we didn't know what it was.. It healed all on its own! eeeeek!
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    Birthdays of 10/03/09........=)

    My birthday too! I turned 19..
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    Haven't been on here in a while, so I figured I should stop by and let everyone on TCS know what I've been up to. I'm still working at the Go-kart track in Branson, though things have definately slowed down. I still have BA, and we have a new addition to our family; he's a blue heeler and his...
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    We have a new addition to our family :)

    He is a full blooded blue heeler, and he was born July 1st
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    We have a new addition to our family :)

    HIS NAME IS ZIP He happens to be BA's new best friend. It's awkard sometimes because Zip pulls BA around by the neck, but BA lets him.. weird. Anyway, here's a photo of them together!
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    Before and After pic thread: add yours :)

    BA when I first got him, covered in flees, never been bathed, and a runny eye.. Now, over a year later, and king of the house::
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    According to the "Today Show"

    I get TOO much sleep which means I'm depressed, anyone else have a response to this? I know I'm not depressed!! I just like to sleep! lol. BTW! I got a job at a go-kart track like I wanted!!
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    So, I moved..

    well 5 of them are, MooCow, the black and white one was taking by my friend brittany who's cat accepted him into the litter? weird? Fizzle and the kittens went to a farm, Fiz has almost always been a "barn cat" and I think she likes it there! yep yep, welp I'm going to bed, night!
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    So, I moved..

    to Galena Missouri woot woot! Finally. We could only bring BA and the Ferrets here, so we found new homes for the kittens and Fizzle! so far it's been amazing! and I now have a horse I can play with too! (LR's father has a horse!!) spook and I have so much fun when we walk around!! well...
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    I got FERRETS!

    oh, we knowww! we have a cute little ferret crate lol.. we're ready for the move, only wishing that I could put this off for another 10 years. lol
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    I got FERRETS!

    so I haven't been on here in a while but just thought I'd say I love all the input!! the kittens are rough housing with Ellie now.. Eddie is afraid of them and runs to his cage the only problem I have with them right now is keeping their harnesses on.. I always want to take them for walks, but...
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    Hi everyone I'm a newbie

    welcome to TCS I have a black manx, he's adorable.. and a calico named fizzle, along with her 6 newborn kittens! hope you have fun on here!
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    What Have I Gotten Myself Into?

    I'm right there with ya lol, I was going to change ellie's name to bella, then I realized Ellie could be short of Isabella.. lol