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    Found pregnant cat

    I have another cat named Dexter who I thought was a male but is now pregnant who visits me for fresh food and water.Her sister who I had named Sadiegirl but later found out her name is Karma was pregnant as well.There is 3 cats that come to my house outside to feed daily as a routine.Only one...
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    Comment by 'sadiegirl' in article 'Potential Stressors In Cats - The Ultimate Checklist'

    My Kitty Boy has a room all to himself with a large kitty condo to climb on and many toys to play with.But I worry he is depressed because he rarely plays anymore.We try to get him moving around for exercise by trying to play with him.The only thing he seems to get excited about is when it is...
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    Questions about Sadie

    Oh no , I just read about the cords on the kittens and I have had boys most of my life.My mother was around when I had Jasmine a female cat that had a litter before bringing her to the vet.I am glad I joined this site because I will not know what to do when my sadiegirl has kittens.I know I call...
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    Help? Pregnant Cat has Fleas

    Hello Stefanz thank you for your quick response.Yesterday I put advantage 2 on sadiegirl so I am getting her ready for her to have her kittens.I know there are no coincidence's and yes my husband and I both thought that we lost 3 cats and all of a sudden 3 cats show up around our house in the...
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    Help? Pregnant Cat has Fleas

    I would take her in but like I said I lost 3 cats in one year.One was 13,19 and the black cat in the picture was the last one that died on me on March 24,2015 in the vets room.He would of been 20 years old March 29th.So now I have one left and we really do not know how old he is because we...
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    Help? Pregnant Cat has Fleas

    Hi I have a small little pregnant kitty that has chosen to live out doors at my house.I named her Sadie because she has sad eyes and she is so sweet.But unfortunately someone moved and left several cats behind so I have been feeding them  for a few months now.Sadie gets special attention because...