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    My cat had to be caged- tips???

    I know the vet I work for would certainly recommend taking the top off the litterbox to prevent climbing on top and jumping off. Preventing as much movement as possible is really the best thing for healing. We've had a shattered kitten leg heal perfectly without a splint and keep full use and...
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    Mickey has a vet appointment.

    Some states require regular rabies vaccination by law unless the pet is given exemption by the veterinarian for medical reasons. You may want to check your local regulations before writing off vaccines entirely.
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    LeeLee's Urinary Issues

    Clavamox isn't just an anti-inflammatory, it's an antibiotic. Just like with human antibiotics it won't work if it's not given as directed. If you aren't able to medicate your cat the vet may be willing to board him for the duration of his treatment.
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    I need to switch vets!

    So your vet hasn't even done any bloodworm, urinalysis, or fecal? That's ridiculous. What do you mean by her not liking the new vet? Is she just stressed in general or does she behave aggressively and try to hurt herself and/or others? With all the covid craziness I wouldn't worry about just...
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    I need to switch vets!

    Working at a vet hospital myself, it is a bit more difficult when clients aren't allowed in the building. Usually animals are easier to handle away from the owners because they know their usual tricks won't work, but there's the handful of animals that are the opposite. A scared cat, as long as...
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    I need to switch vets!

    Are you intending to give her the pill before going to the vet for a sedated exam? If so, I would check with the vet for any negative drug interactions. The vet may also be willing to prescribe anti-anxiety medication that is safe to use with sedatives just in case the medication alone isn't...
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    My cat is messy and unsanitary, what do I do?

    Top entry litter boxes work well at preventing litter getting kicked out. I'm a fan of pine pellet litter because there's nearly no tracking, though cats don't tend to bury their poop with it.
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    Mast Cell Tumors in Dog

    One thing I'm a bit worried about (and endlessly researching) is the Prilosec. It's not good to be on it long term but the tumors can cause stomach ulcers without it.
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    Mast Cell Tumors in Dog

    My vet didn't have much to say about supplements. She doesn't really believe in them but doesn't think they could hurt since he's not getting treatment. There are no oncologists (or any kind of specialists at all) around here unfortunately. I would have to travel hundreds of miles to get to one...
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    Should I go to a vet for procedures like this one or not?

    Ugh worms are awful. If you can, save the worm to show the vet just in case. Does the worm have segmentation? I find giving pills easier than liquid wormers. My cat isn't the pill pocket type so I coat the pills in butter (it masks the taste and helps them slide down more easily) and rub her...
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    Mast Cell Tumors in Dog

    It's been quite a few months since I've been on the forum! My dog was diagnosed with MCT. He had a mass on his head that didn't show any cancer cells after fine needle aspiration, but since it kept growing I had it removed and sent for testing. It came back as a mast cell tumor, grade 2, low...
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    Looking For A Fish Forum Site

    Yea, fish forums can be rough. Have you looked at or I can't recommend because many of the threads I've read have incredibly rude responses. There's also planted tank forums that also have sections for fish in general. Two I know of...
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    Question Of The Day - Monday, July 22, 2019

    I try not to bother things if I can avoid it. If a snake, lizard, or salamander has to be moved out of the yard for mowing I try to use a stick and a bucket. It seems to stress them out less than my hand. If I had to touch it by hand I would be fine with it. Passed out opossums I also try to...
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    Dog Help Please!

    What about a super lightweight long line? Paracord with a really small clip weighs almost nothing and letting her drag it around might make her comfortable enough to forget it's there. Tractor supply sells a floating long line that weighs nothing on its own but the clip is pretty heavy and would...
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    Question Of The Day Sunday, 21 July, 2019

    I drink way too much coffee. Hot coffee in the morning and iced coffee later in the day if it's too warm to drink anything hot.