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    Reviving an Old Tradition - Ten Questions About You!

    1) what book are you reading? (and if you're not reading anything, what was the last book you read?) Melody 2) have you ever been in the hospital? Yes several times 3) what did you eat yesterday? Mountain Dew for breakfast, no lunch, smothered burrito for dinner 4) what is the weather like...
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    Any other FONTaholics out there?

    I am an addict, I don't install them but put them in a folder and then use them in PSP. I have hundreds of font's and collect more each day lol.
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    OK you know me, always full of surprises! I have a question?

    We have a hooded one and it is used daily.
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    How many of you have a home based business?

    I work from my home too. I have been working from home for a couple of years and I really love it. It is great to be home when my kids get out of school. I work my business both online and off line, so I have my own website and when someone joins my business they get the same kind of website...
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    TCS Cookbook

    Thanks for finding it for me, I am off to make a Birthday cake now..thank goodness it was on here, because I can't find my recipe anywhere. I am going to put it back in my recipe box now so I still have it. This was my Grandmothers recipe and I would be devistated if I lost it. Thanks again
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    TCS Cookbook

    It was called Munga B's Hot Water Chocolate Cake
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    TCS Cookbook

    For some reason my recipe never made it into the cookbook and now I can't find it. It was on one of the threads for recipe entries. Today is my hubbies birthday and I need my cake recipe for him. Any ideas on how to find it? If it would have made it into the cookbook I could just pop in my...
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    Where Did the Glue Go?

    That is funny, can I share it? Thanks for the laugh.
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    Is Your Cat Posted on This Site without your Knowledge????

    Princess Purr, you are so right. I started bawling when I saw the free kitty one. This site is not funny to me and I wish I hadn't even went there. I just feel sick.
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    this is appaling!!

    I don't agree with selling live animals on Ebay, but what I found in the ad was this: This is a live animal and I will not ship him. Winning bidder must make arrangements to travel to my home, meet me, and pick him up. Notice that she is not shipping, the winning bidder must meet her and then...
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    Find out the origion of your name

    Corina, a 3-syllable girl's name of Greek origin, means: Maiden. Corina's ethnic backgrounds include Hispanic
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    Sharing pictures again

    What awesome photos Anne! Thank you so much for sharing them.
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    Gary's Tuxedo Boy

    What a handsome boy, I am kinda partial to tuxedos hehe
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    Snuggles are great, but THIS is ridiculous!

    What sweet pictures, I think it's great that they can be that close.