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    Should I shave my cat?

    Some of my family members are advocating to shave my Turkish Angora, Ruby due to the amount of shedding... they said that if we shave her then although she will still shed, she will shed much shorter hairs so that it won't bother us as much. They want to shave her now and if she doesn't seem to...
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    Cat lost her voice?

    This morning when I woke up, I thought that it was odd that Ruby wasn't meowing loudly and chasing me like she does every morning (and all the time basically). A matter of fact, I couldn't find her anywhere! When I finally found her, she was drinking water very fast. She had already gone through...
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    Fancy Feast?

    I got my 12-year-old Turkish angora Fancy Feast classics today. I am transitioning her onto Fancy feast classics from Blue Buffalo. Is this a good idea? Is Fancy Feast Classic a better food then some? She seems to have liked Blue Buffalo better, but I was told in a previous thread on this forum...
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    Are Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild good foods?

    I will probably drop blue buffalo once I use up all of my 60 cans   After that, what wet food do you suggest I start feeding instead? 
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    Are Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild good foods?

    Ruby refuses to switch to wet only... do you suggest that I switch the wet food to Nature's variety? 
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    What breed is he you think?

    I am really bad with cat breeds, but he kind of reminds me of an Abyssinian cat. This is a picture of one so that you can compare them: The one I found online:                                                                                                      Your cat:
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    Review by '' on item 'The World According to Bob: The Further Adventures of One Man and His Street-wise Cat by Bowen, Jame'

    I got this book to read on my kindle, and I loved it. This book is about a cat named Bob who is found by busker, named James . This book shows the incredible relationship between a cat and their owners.
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    What's the weather and temperature like where you live??

    The weather where I live is always cold (below zero or slightly above zero) and snowy during winter and spring, and during fall and summer, WAY TOO HOT (usually around 90-100)
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    Calories and food brands

    I am feeding my cat Ruby 210-230 calories a day. She is a 10 pound, senior turkish angora. Is this a good amount? Also, my two brands are Taste of the Wild dry food, and Blue Buffalo wet food. Are these two brands healthy? I do not feed her senior cat food. Should I start feeding her senior food?
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    Are Blue Buffalo and Taste of the Wild good foods?

    Right now, I am feeding Ruby (my 12 year old turkish angora) Taste of the Wild dry cat food, and Blue Buffalo wilderness canned cat food. Are these two good foods? I can switch to Wilderness Core very easily if these two foods aren't good :)
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    Share your spooky stories mini-contest

    Once, I was sleeping with my cat Ruby, and we heard a thumping noise. She searched my room and then came back, the thumping noise returned, finally Ruby got fed up with it yet again and she ran around the house searching.. Finally I got out of bed and I put the leash on her, we looked around and...
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    Cat Jumped into toilet

    So, I told my dad countless times to close the toilet seat, and he didn't. My turkish angora LOVES water, so of course she jumped in a went for a swim. When I walked into the bathroom, I saw Ruby splashing around and I took her out of course. Is a bath necessary? If so, should I use her cat...
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    Review by '' on item 'World's Best Cat Litter, Clumping Formula'

    I love this cat litter because it clumps very well, has good odor control, and has low tracking. My cat prefers walnut based litters though. I currently mix this with walnut based :)
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    Review by '' on item 'Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Canned Cat Food'

    It is SUPER hard to get my cat to eat. This is the only good quality food that she will eat other then taste of the wild.
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    My Cat Eats My Hair

    Thank you! i will try that :)