25, Indigenous, nonbinary and/or two-spirit. I'm young, tired, and full of anxiety and bees! Grew up around cats most of my life and spent my early teens herding around a pack of 5 indoor-outdoor cats on my rural, woodland reservation. My current adult cat is one of two remaining members of that pack and she's the light of my life and quite literally the reason I can drag myself out of bed -- mostly because she won't stop howling and/or gently licking my entire head to wake me up for her meals.

Aside from my two recent kittens, none of the cats I raised were meant to be adopted. One was abandoned by some cousins who couldn't keep him where they were moving and came to us after living in the woods for two years. Another was abandoned by the same cousins, after they adopted him into the home where they couldn't keep pets and left him behind as well. Another was found in the back of a pick up truck, the next was a "please dont be sad" present after the former was hit by a car. One was born to my mom's cat and flown up to where I lived, and another was a blue eyed baby found wandering the road with his brother and desperately given to me. And Chansey here was a barn kitten, destined to be thrown in the creek with the rest of her litter until some younger cousins of mine rescued her and brought her to my gram and I.

Only Chansey and the "get well" kitty, Shyla, are still kickin but they all lived good, loved lives for however long they were with us.

Chansey, 11yo tripaw f
Korra, 13wk tuxedo f (as of 7/25)
Mara, 16wk tortie f (as of 7/22)
December 4
Phoenix Valley, Arizona
Interests (Hobbies, favorite activities, etc.)
Tabletop games, digital art, animation, general video game nerdy stuff. Would totally love to learn botany if I didnt happen to accidentally kill every plant ever given to me :')


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