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    What kind of cat would be good with small pets?

    Sure you can have a cat + guinea pigs. Just don't expect them to be friends. I have 4 cats, and 2 rats (courtesy of Grisoo, big game hunter, who one day brought in baby rats). The rats live in a big cage - two 6 feet wardrobes who have doors replaced by wire mesh for them to climb, connected by...
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    Moving and don't know what to do about cats I feed

    Have you contacted any rescue organization like alley cat allies (mentioned several times in this thread already)? They are definitely covering the US. Any other cat advocacy /rescue groups you can contact in your area - where exactly are the cats located? Even the local humane society or if no...
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    Any recommendation what actually works against fleas? Tried so far: Revolution (prescription, had decreased white blood counts after. Don't want to use again) Advantage (did not work) Ants (supposed to eat the eggs and larvae. Might do a great job but don't make much of a dent in the flea...
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    New to Cats, Need Advice on Stray/Feral kitty

    if she is tiny, it suggests even more of a feral who did not get enough nutrition. My sister has a pocket cat half the size of what is lounging around at my home (no one can pick her up but she likes to sit on people she knows). There are feral cats known as "friendlies" who have never been...
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    New to Cats, Need Advice on Stray/Feral kitty

    1. Thank you so much for saving this cat! Doesn't sound like a stray since then she would know about litter boxes. Beatiful pics, reminding me of my Grisou, only he is more pot-bellied... 2. Litter training: Patience is key. If she poops elsewhere, put it into the litter box. It might help to...
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    Leaving Omega-3 fish oil with food

    recommend freeze-dried minnows. Several brands out on Amazon to try
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    severe diarrhoea!!!

    suggest to give pedialyte with a feeding syringe to counter dehydration
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    those darn cats!

    suggest freeze-dried minnows. 5 of 5 cats loved them (and 1 of 2 rats, but Ratatosk is picky). I tried other brands and small fish species because they were cheaper and not such a hit.
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    Our Greta Crossed the Bridge

    Eating is hard. For me, too. As for supplements: I recommend GABA, it's expensive but helps some in stressful situations.
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    Our Greta Crossed the Bridge

    Grisoo is, as said, not the smartest. He curls his tail like a piggy and has the belly to match. If he can go anywhere (what do I know where he goes in his sleep?), so can others. As for the rainbow kitties, they are safe, and probably puzzled that we have random crying episodes. We miss them...
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    Our Greta Crossed the Bridge

    another thought: it is easier if you have another living cat to hug, or three. If Greta was your only cat, you might not be ready to hug someone else. But while she will forever be in your heart, she will want you to consider to eventually giving your love to someone else in need.
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    Our Greta Crossed the Bridge

    You will get better in time. It takes longer for some. But, as a thought: just last morning Grisoo hopped onto my bed saying, meow. (Meaning: hey, what if cats can cross to that place all the time, and when they pass they just can't come back here. And, greetings, he had seen Rascal, and Rascal...
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    Unsure what to do with 10 year old cat???

    1. allergy shots (into the Mom, not the cat) 2. change diet (again, Mom, not the cat: surprisingly, many people experience less allergies when they eat what humans should eat) 3. giving the cat a bath weekly (recommend the shower) - there are shampoos out there that reduce the allergies. Google...
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    Today, Rascal went where cats go

    And... we went to the emergency vet day before yesterday, where we got his diagnosis (could have dragged him through cancer treatments but his prognosis was poor, not much chance to make it through). When they put in the IV, he bit the nurse. Of course! I had an IV recently and it hurt like...
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    Today, Rascal went where cats go

    He was my first cat. He was not an easy one - he liked to prove that he was the one with the teeth and claws. He didn't even spend much time with me in the past 5 years, since he preferred my sister's place across the street. There is a Rascal-shaped hole in my world... I know time will heal.