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    2 Cats, 1 missing screw.

    Oh, I really didn't know. Thank you for explaining this to me.
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    2 Cats, 1 missing screw.

    If the screw is metal, it should show up on x-ray. I see no reason why it shouldn't.
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    Switching Boo to wet food is making us both miserable. Is it really necessary, if he's a healthy cat

    I have my Max on a  bit of both. Now, understand that I am not familiar with the cat food you are using, and I do not know if you have been advised to change to dry by a Vet. However, dry food has zero moisture, and (for example) if he/she were feral and had killed a bird or mouse, the moisture...
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    Comment by 'robbie watson' in article 'Why You Should Not Surrender Senior Cats To Shelters'

    I have let my daughter, who is my executor, know that if I go before Max, as he's just 3 years old and I'm 69, that I want her to call the Humane Society to foster him, or find him a good forever home.  She has agreed, as her cat is an outside cat, but Max has never been outside. He is...
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    I don't know where you live, but here in Tennessee, the canned food is actually less cost than the dry.  I buy Friskies brand, since Max is 3 now and no longer needs the Purina, but Friskies is made by Purina.     The dry is as nutritious as the canned, except if one uses the dry or canned...
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    Pregnant and DESPERATE! Cat urinating on new couch!

    Anything of Citrus scent works as felines HATE the smell. Lemon, orange, lime, and citrus fruit scent should deter them from using the couch. Also, have you taught them about scratching in the litter box? And for multiple cats, you really need multiple litter boxes, not near their food.  Take...
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    Questions about weaning/potty training

    I think all of the posts above are just great. I do have a couple of things that may help, though. One, I got my Max at 4 weeks old but he had no momma cat.  I fed him some soft food (what he would eat of it), waited about ten minutes, then showed him the litter box. I took his front paws in my...
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    Advice for 2-3 week old kittens

    Your kittens are just lovely. I got my kitten at 4 weeks too, but he had no Momma cat.  I believe you are doing the right thing by sociallizing with them.Pet them all over, so they will get used to your genlte touch. Even their little paws.  Rub their hair into the way it grows, and get them...
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    Poops but won't pee in the litter box

    I may suggest, since you have multiple boxes, that you might use lemon juice spray on baseboards. Cat hate the smell of citrus. That may discourage him from doing that. Also you might try moving the boxes a wee bit farther apart, since the diahreaa may off put him from fear of bacteria. Hope...
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    Heart Melting things the Cats do..

    Momma to one 3 year old rescue cat. I got Max when he was just 4 weeks old, too young to be without a Momma, but he was, so I became his Momma. It only took one swipe at the litter and he was litter trained.  He's 3 yrs old now and has the run of my house.       I am retired, so I no longer...
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    Don't know what to do with my kitten

    This post really sounds like vetranarian time. ASAP. She may have gotten some into her lung. Sorry that is the best advice I can give and what I would do with my own. Get her to a Dr. before it is too late.
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    We lost our baby, Simon, Monday.

    The photo of Simon and Augie are absolutely beautiful!!!  What breed was Augie?? Doesn't look like one I am familiar with.  They are happily waiting for you to join them across the Rainbow Bridge, no longer sick, God love them both.    I know it's been hard for you, especially to lose two.  I...
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    Robbie and Max

    Thank you much for your welcoming myself and Max to the site. You may also like to know that each morning, Max wakes me at 4:30 a.m. to feed him by tickling my cheek with his whiskers! lol Then at 4:30 p.m. he wants feeding again, after a good play time. ( I think he's quite the handsome fella...
  14. Robbie and Max

    Robbie and Max

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    Robbie and Max

    Hello all. My name's Robbie, and I'd like to introduce you to Max, my tabby. He is sitting on his very own chair, and uses the legs on it to sharpen his claws. It was junked, so I don't mind. lol I went to visit a neighbor, and they had two kittens. One had the run of the house, but Max was...