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    Spoilage Issue During Spring Summer Months?

    I final thought/question: what about putting frozen bone broth in the bowl we usually put water?
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    Spoilage Issue During Spring Summer Months?

    Thanks. The caretakers do wait as long as they can--sometimes two hours. Good idea about the Tupperware container. I'll Google bird proof pet feeders.
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    Spoilage Issue During Spring Summer Months?

    A group of us feed a well established, small feral cat colony, in three separate places, all within walking distance. As a treat and to supplement canned cat food, I add about one or two ounces of chopped up cooked meat and homemade bone broth to the canned cat food. I am concerned the meat...
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    I Think I Forgot To Bake My Eggshells

    I didn't realize I had to/should have baked the egg shells. I have always dried them in the back seat of my car, which gets quite warm. My cats have no issue with this.
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    Is Winky Pregnant???

    Maybe she is in heat; and if she is in heat and goes outside and meets up with a tom cat, she will become pregnant. Have your considered spaying her?
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    Stray Cat Just Had Kittens!

    Apparently the mother cat has moved to babies to a harder place to trap but one that is relatively safe. These cats are being monitored carefully and if the situation changes they will let me know. This is a managed cat colony From.what I understand it is best and less stressful to leave the...
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    Stray Cat Just Had Kittens!

    Following. I may be fostering a feral mom and her four kittens, who are around one week old. I have fostered kittens before but never this young, and not with a feral mother.
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    Genetically Bad Teeth?

    Ritz (pictured) has bad teeth, first dental around age 12 months. My vet at the time thinks it was due to poor nutrition for the first five months of her life (she and her siblings and mother dumped in November 2009, neighbors sometimes left out milk and cereal for them.) She is due for...
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    Will And How My Cats Can Get Use To Smells Of Trapped Tnr Cats?

    I put a pumpkin scented candle near the garage, where the cats stay for pre-and post-recovery. Dahalia was less stressed, she didn't do crouching/running thing as much, although she is reluctant to eat in the kitchen (kitchen is next to the garage). One of the trapped cats in this bunch of ten...
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    Will And How My Cats Can Get Use To Smells Of Trapped Tnr Cats?

    Thanks, this is really helpful. The cats will remain at all times in their traps. When the two cats were in the garage pre surgery, I didn't hear anything; however, I think one cat tried to get out because the blanket fell off. I may be feeding them post-surgery. I have thought about opening...
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    Will And How My Cats Can Get Use To Smells Of Trapped Tnr Cats?

    Here is the background: because my house is centrally located to where the feral/stray cats will be trapped and then s/n; microchipped/vaccinated [TNR], I have volunteered my house for pre- and post-recovery placement. This is an ongoing program connected with a new community cat program in...
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    Hare Today Out Of Rabbit

    Trying checking your local Farmers Markets. They may raise/sell them whole, without the head and fur. Be prepared for sticker shock $$$$
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    Cooked Egg-yolk For Passing Hairballs?

    Any form of egg yolk is fine. It is the lecithin that works to prevent egg yolks. Ritz (pictured) will eat it raw or cooked, plain or mixed with bone broth. Dahalia, on the other hand/paw, refused any form of egg yolk including powdered lecithin; figures, she is the one who has hair balls...
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    Pet Insurance And Pre-existing Conditions

    I have dealt with this issue, but with PetPlan. "Dahalia" had pretty significant kidney issues when I rescued her (blood work off the charts). Before renewing the policy, I wanted to know exactly what the pet insurance would cover and what it would not. The person I talked to on the phone...