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    Help me describe my cat’s coloring and breed

    I don't know what breed she is, but she is lovely!❤️
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    Herpes Virus question?

    Ok thanks. He does not take anti virals. He just has the herpes respiratory virus as a kitten and the vet said he will have it his life. He is FIV negative. The lysine dose help and he occasionally gets red eyes - the so vet gives me eye drops for him which I've only had to use once since...
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    Herpes Virus question?

    Good Morning, My Ollie is about 13 months old. He had the herpes viral infection as a kitten and I understand he will always have this. I give him lysine daily. We are experiencing a flare up I guess. He is sneezing a lot and his eyes are a bit runny. I don't see any yellow or green discharge...
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    Is Amlodipine Prescribed for Heart Issues Other than Hypertension?

    No an ekg doesn't show blood pressure, but it often is ordered for blood pressure (I am on one for that). Usually they can hear a murmur when they listen with their stethoscope. If cats are similar to humans, it would not be unusual to be prescribed a calcium channel blocker for heart issues.
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    Is Amlodipine Prescribed for Heart Issues Other than Hypertension?

    First I would preface by saying my experience is with humans not with cats in this manner, so still check with your vet . Amlodipine is a calcium channel blocker that helps reduce the work of the heart (as well as lower blood pressure). So if your cat has a heart murmur it means that probably...
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    Hi All, First Time Cat Parent

    Welcome! Cats are terrific company. Mine are the same love pets and in every room I'm in but don't particularly want to be picked up. Always on the bed. My one calico will sit on you - when SHE! Cats are great!
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    5-6 Month Old Kitten Spay

    I had 3 cats spayed/neutered this year. All came home with pain meds for 3 days.
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    Spay site smells badly and looks strange

    I think it looks ok - just healing. Make sure she isn't licking it.
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    5 month old kitten pees on my daughter’s bed

    It's usually a reaction to something. I too have 3 cats and I know they will all start to use it - but something is upsetting the kitten so that she won't go downstairs. I would start with that first and clean it a couple of times daily. I would also restrict access to your daughters room.
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    Upping the l-lysine dose?

    I give my Ollie the lysine chews. He gets one per day and two per day (one morning/one night) if he's showing symptoms.
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    5 month old kitten pees on my daughter’s bed

    I would put a box back closer to your daughters room. I also would try cat attract (there is a kitten attract) litter. Cat Attract™ Litter | Dr. Elsey's
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    I miss my Maine Coon...

    I did something similar except it was my golden retriever. I lost her in April and I totally got George based on my broken heart. It's still broken. But George is his own "kitty", has his own personality and traits and well - he's a cat. He didn't replace my Sadie - I have a brand new heart just...
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    Is there a food that you do NOT want to see on your Thanksgiving table?

    Turnips here too. I'm coming around to brussel sprouts - especially with bacon and cheese!
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    Thinking about giving back my cat

    Have you considered using Advantage? Much easier to administer than a bath.