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    Cats claws getting stuck

    Wow lots of reply’s! Thank you for the information everyone. I will definitely start clipping her nails. The last thing I want to do is make her stressed or lose trust so I am just going to start very slow and only clip her nails in she is in an accepting/calm mood!
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    Cats claws getting stuck

    I have 2 cats. When we first got them we clipped their nails but do not anymore. We have three scratchers. My boy uses them a little more often than my girl. I would say my boy gets his claws stuck from time to time but my girl gets hers stuck all the time (she is always kneading). We adopted my...
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    What to do with my cat while im away for vacation

    Hi! Its not fun having to leave your cat for long periods of time but it sounds like she will be fine. As long as you have someone who can come over once a day and give her food/water and clean the litter box you should be good. I would just suggest that you ask your friend to play with your cat...
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    Kitten Biting me

    I got my boy fixed around 4/5 months. I agree that you should ask your vet but you should be fine getting him fixed at this age. Biting and lots of energy comes with young age and usually slows when they get older (some cats around the 1 year mark but all are different). If you sense him getting...
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    Cat Nail Caps.

    I agree with the posters above. My friend used nail caps and they either fall off or the cat figures out ways to get them off. Cats are smart and can be shown to use cat scratchers and not scratch furniture. If you do get a kitten and you are concerned about them scratching your furniture I...
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    Spay incision

    It is blurry but it does look like the incision may be open a bit. If you could I would suggest sending a picture to your vet or bringing her in. Better to be safe than have it get infected.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    Good to hear she’s doing a lot better! I just found this online “If your cat panics with the plastic cone on or keeps slipping it off, you can try something else to keep him away from those sutures: a soft cone, inflatable “donut” collar, onesie, bandage, or bodysuit, depending on the location...
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    Hi! Welcome to the Catsite and congratulations on your pregnancy! Not to long ago I responded to someone about environmental type changes and products that have helped greatly with my cat allergies. I have linked some of those forums below. As you probably know you will want to make sure that...
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    The picture is a little blurry so it’s hard to tell what it is. You could try using a warm (not hot) damp towel very gently. If nothing comes of that I would recommend asking your vet.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    It’s good that she’s making some progress. It sounds like she’s still too loopy to notice food/water. I am not sure about the two wet lines on her nose. Maybe there’s something on google about it. Hopefully she will be quite improved by tomorrow.
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    Is my kitten male or female?

    @Heart For Cats is more likely to be right over me lol! Seeing it upside-down I thought boy but now looking at this comparison picture I agree that its probably a girl 😅
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    Does Feliway really work?

    Not a dumb question! Maybe try putting a small bowl/dish of water by her and monitor to see if she is thirsty and goes near it. As long as it’s a small amount to where she wouldn’t leave her head in it and be submerged.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    It seems like she is still very confused. But yes I think you should be fine just leaving her for a bit to see if she is able to get out herself. Hopefully if she develops the urge to use the littler box, drink/eat she will just come out when she feels like it.
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    Does Feliway really work?

    Sorry, I read that wrong. Yes I think thats best because it sounds like she may be out of it for several more hours so it will be good for her to have more room and access to the litter box. Poor kitty :alright: