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    What Is Your Least Favourite Hoilday?

    As in Christmas , Halloween , bonfire , valentine's etc i would go with valentine days as I'm single.
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    What Do You Have On The Front Of Your Refrigerator?

    Or is it blank I have just fridge magnets on mine.
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    What Level Of Education Do Your Parents Have?

    As we have had threads about parents jobs what about parents education One has a degree and one left school at 16.
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    Ask Anyone On Here Anything You Want

    Ask anyone on here anything you want
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    What Did Your Life Look Like 10 Years Ago?

    As in ,2009 I was just doing my GCSEs .
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    Have You Ever Banned Someone From Your House?

    When I was a child , my mum banned a friend of mine for scribbing on her bed
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    Top 3 Best Looking Celebrities

    Either male or female I will start Jennifer Aniston Kaley Cucco Megan Fox
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    Post Your Unpopular Opinions

    Can be anything I will start Boris Johnson is underated Pineapple on pizza is decent Big bang theory is legendary
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    Trivial Things That Annoy You

    I will start. Dominoes putting mushrooms on Hawaiian pizza
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    Which Song Lyrics Have You Misheard?

    I used to say Sweet Carolina instead of Sweet Caroline
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    A To Z Of Compliments

    I will start Athletic
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    When Was The Worst Time You Overslept?

    I don't think I have had that many incredibly bad over sleeping times , maybe back in my school days school started at 8.55 and I fell back to sleep till 8.48 so had to rush the 20 minutes walk .
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    Who Is Your Fictional Character Crush?

    whether that be TV , film , book , musical etc i would go for Rachel Green in Friends.
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    Things About Your Childhood That Would Baffle Younger People Of Today

    I will start Having to watch movies via Blockbuster rather than Netflix
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    A To Z Of Fictional Characters

    I will start Aaron Dingle